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August 30, 2018
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Tricks to Make Your Blow Out Final Longer

My clients are continually telling me that there’s nothing quite like an excellent blow out. They feel reworked when they go away the salon with a shiny, bouncy, glamorous blow out. It’s superb how uplifting something so simple might be. How your day, your outfit and even your angle could be so dramatically improved. However how long, you could have questioned, can that great feeling last Here at Fabio Scalia Salon we feel that, with the appropriate quantity of TLC, a superb blow out should have the ability to last between 4 and 6 days. That is why this weeks beauty tip is devoted to making your blow dry final. Our stylist, Theresa Belloni, put together an inventory of 5 methods to make a blow out last as much as every week. Whether you’re doing it yourself or having it completed professionally, follow Theresa’s tips for a lasting blow out:

1) To start with, be sure your hair is extraordinarily clear. This will require two shampoos. It is crucial that you simply, or the person washing your hair, actually massages your hair on the roots to ensure your scalp gets clean. The cleaner the better! A phenomenal blowout on a dirty scalp is a failure ready to occur.

2) In case you are doing your individual blow out, ensure that the blow dryer you are utilizing will get really scorching. Additionally, make certain it’s quick-drying, to forestall hair injury. We carry the T3 line of blow dryers as effectively because the Parlux, which can both do the trick. I’m sorry to say, however it is unimaginable to realize a proper blowout with a bargain dryer. They’re just not highly effective enough.

3) When you go to sleep at night put your hair up. Do not use a traditional elastic hair tie as a result of you will get that “dent” that signifies the demise of your blowout. As a substitute, for quantity the next day, put your head the other way up and gather your hair into a unfastened bun on top. Secure with a ribbon hair tie, like these by Sephora, or any cloth hair tie that doesn’t have numerous elastic. If you are not attempting to realize volume, tilt your head again and pull hair right into a low, tight bun simply above your neck. Secure the identical manner.

A excessive bun for volume……
A low bun if you aren’t searching for volume….

4) Shower caps are your pal. Moisture and humidity will not be. Tuck your whole hair into a terry cloth-lined shower cap earlier than showering. The terry cloth will help soak up moisture earlier than it reaches your tresses. (You possibly can purchase one on-line by means of Nordstrom.) Additionally, don’t flip your bathroom into a steam room by taking a very lengthy shower. Principally, get clean and get out.

5) Products are the key to preserving your blow dry in tact all through the week. The precise products you utilize will rely on your hair type. For instance, in case your hair is dry and tends to frizz use a depart-in treatment, resembling Phyto 7, Dry Hair Hydrating Day Cream with 7 Plants . Squeeze a pea sized quantity into your palm and distribute throughout the hair, focusing on the ends. This may depart your hair trying shiny and clean with out frizz or pesky flyaways.

If your hair tends to get oily strive utilizing a texturizing spray, similar to Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, every day. This may absorb any oil that is starting to construct up and it’ll leave your hair feeling fresh and clear. Additionally it is good to make use of after best hair clips for curly hair a workout, so you don’t want to choose between being fit and having your hair look amazing :).

It doesn’t matter what your hair type is, you’ll be able to keep your hair smelling clear and fresh throughout the week with a each day hair refresher, equivalent to Oribe Hair Refresher. It’s mainly perfume in your hair. Who can’t use that !

Theresa’s gorgeous clients, Roberta and Teresa, after a contemporary blowout.
Hope you could have enjoyed the following pointers! Thank you Theresa. If you have any questions for Theresa, myself (Fabio), or any of our workers members please feel free to go away them beneath.

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