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October 2, 2018
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23 Real Struggles Of Going To A Music Festival

Once you’ve got gotten over the truth that you’re investing most of your life financial savings into one buy, rounding up buddies turns into the following problem. Take pleasure in these wasted work days of group messaging, Facebook messages and threads that attain 200+ emails.. after which deal with amassing cash.

3. Just attending to the festival is a struggle.
120g-200g 10pcs Body Wavy Clip In Remy Hair Extensions #2 Darkest BrownYou simply dropped $four hundred on a festival ticket, however now you’ve got to purchase a aircraft ticket, rent an RV and work out which friend is going to “volunteer” to drive everyone to the obscure festival location. Oh, and good luck fitting everyone’s luggage within the trunk.

4. You’ll immediately lose your entire worldly possessions.
Including but not restricted to: associates, telephone, car, automotive keys, cooler, sunscreen, sunglasses, venue wristband, wallet, all the things inside stated wallet, turquoise rings, clothes, dignity, sanity, happiness, consciousness..

5. Your quest for food is diminished to scavenging.
How do you pack contemporary food for a 3-day festival You do not. Those Doritos and granola bars you packed will disappear by the time you arrive on the venue, and you’ll most probably spend your life savings on festival food.

6. Water prices roughly $45.
The price fluctuates primarily based on the gold standard (we assume), but you’ll be able to easily safe a bottle by trading your first born or one among your very important organs once you make it to the water station. Appears reasonable.

7. Your cellphone battery will die on the worst attainable time.
Your cellphone will never be charged sufficient for the all the Snapchats, Instagram pics, actual pics, movies and “muploads” you want to take. Is your favorite band about to take the stage Congratulations, your battery just died.

8. You won’t ever look as Instagram-worthy as you suppose you do.
Celebrities always seem to make music fests their boho-chic runways. But your plans on gracing Instagram in that adorable skirt, crop top and floppy hat are foiled whenever you discover your hair has changed into one giant dreadlock, your physique is as red because the floor of Mars and your face is oilier than a BP spill. And that fringe skirt Destroyed by mud.

9. Committing to your favorite band means sitting by way of five acts you do not know.
You and your friends are only on the concert to see one band — the identical band that you have adopted since 7th grade. The one downside You could have to sit via six other acts with out letting go of your pal’s hand or you will lose her eternally, and most of the time the opposite acts aren’t even that good.

10. You are sweating like crazy.. besides when you are shivering.
After the solar is completed destroying your physique in each manner potential, get prepared for the cool desert nights to set in. Your day sweat will flip to icicles just in time so that you can shiver yourself to sleep within the entrance seat of your car or no matter patch of grass you end up passing out in after a 4am set.

11. You’ll beg for rain to relieve you, then immediately curse its presence.
Simply beware that when the apocalypse sets in and your tent begins to leak, Noah’s ark will not be coming to prevent and it’s each festival goer for themselves.

12. Bathrooms will turn out to be your personal version of the Starvation Video games.
May the odds be ever in your favor, because nothing will stress you out more than making an attempt not to pee your jorts in a 3-mile long line to the port-a-potty. Simply wait until paranoia sets in. “Will there be bathroom paper Did that man simply throw up in the stall I’m strolling into Oh my God, is that.. a dead particular person !” Oh, and ladies, if you are on your period, you would possibly as well simply look ahead to toxic shock syndrome to set in.

13. Your footwear will likely be destroyed.
Gladiator sandals Bloody mess. Sneakers Blisters for days. Should you wear flip flops, you will lose them in a mud pit. And that nonchalant Kate-Moss-in-wellies-at-Glastonbury look Save it for the professionals (additionally remember she probably packed a dozen alternative pairs of footwear to change into).

14. You will smell horrible, and so will everyone round you.
Neglect showering and even the faintest notion that putting on deodorant will assist your BO. Making your way by way of the music festival will soon turn out to be smelling your manner by the music festival.

15. Occasionally the performances don’t live as much as expectations.
It’s inevitable: Performers will not take the stage on time, and as soon as they do, those best hair oils for hair growth performers may be stumbling around and vomiting on stage. Oh, and there’s a very good probability that they don’t sound pretty much as good in person as they did on your favorite album, recorded in a studio. That’s advantageous.. except you simply paid $400 to see them stay. Awesome.

16. The celebrities will completely show you and your mates up.. as a result of they’re now being paid to attend.

The true motive these celebrities that float by you to the VIP section look wonderful It is because of the $20,000 they’re pulling in to attend the festival in their sponsored clothing and smiles. And, as sorry as we are to say it, you’ll never be ever to drag off that Vanessa Hudgens look unless you deliver your own workforce of people with you, too.

17. The festival lineups are all starting to look eerily identical..
Kings of Leon, Outkast, Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fireplace — they’re all headlining a number of festivals throughout the globe this 12 months, on prime of the festivals they’ve already played within the latest past. We hope you just like the Avett Brothers — you’ll be seeing them on a number of stages. Identical goes for Vampire Weekend. Wouldn’t it’s good to see some new faces headlining these fests on occasion

18. Crowdsurfers and hula-hoopers will make you kind of loathe humankind.
Folks you’ll doubtless encounter at a festival: “fairies” hula-hooping, folks violently dancing — sorry, “feeling” the music, sweaty people with their shirts off, people who find themselves nonetheless actually into mosh pits, crowdsurfers trying to interrupt your neck and numerous pushy concertgoers who you will need to field out for 3 hours during your entrance row adventure at Mumford & Sons. Also, special shout-out to the folks watching the concert by the lens of their iPhones (or worse, iPads).

19. But the really particular people are those who bring their youngsters to festivals.
“A child Somebody critically introduced a child to this ” Sure, they did. Perhaps the mother and father can find some daytime babysitters from among the tweens of their barely-there neon rave gear. Did their mother and father drive them there

20. It looks as if everyone is drunk, hallucinating, high or handed out.
Everyone has their own concept of fun, however watching the guy on ten tabs of acid wig out isn’t an amazing second, and neither is carrying your buddy who’s passed out from heat exhaustion to the medical tent. And getting thrown up on by that random drunk woman earlier than your favorite present By no means enjoyable.

21. It is not possible to get sleep, and you will go loopy. Critically. Loopy.
Get ready to sleep in locations that you just nobody may pay you to lie down in every other time of the yr. Your different option “Promoting out” and getting a hotel room or an RV so you possibly can really be properly-rested and enjoy the music. Both way, attempt to avoid loud crowds. Guy with the stereo blasting all night Useless to us.

22. But giving up will not be an possibility.
Are you tired Feeling exhausted Need to give up Sick of sleeping in a van Nicely, good luck, as a result of there isn’t any escaping. Especially after you paid all that cash..

23. But you will be sad when the festival is over.. and need to do it all once more
By the tip of the festival, you will feel like you have gone through a pop cultural war zone and in some way made it out alive. You’ll have pics to prove that you went, survived and conquered, plus more than sufficient selective memories to final a lifetime..

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