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October 28, 2018
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Meghan Trainor Wears Hair Extensions And No, You Should not Decide Her For That

Ariana Grande is not the one pop diva — and I exploit the term “diva” lovingly and not in reference to the latest pesky rumors about her habits — with a hair stuffed with secrets. Fellow pop queen Meghan Trainor has admitted to wearing extensions, simply like the “Drawback” singer, and I could not be happier.

In a latest chat with Glamour, Trainor admitted that her hair is her favourite magnificence function. “I like my extensions,” the singer, who simply designed a liplicious Clinique make-up bag in conjunction along with her “Lips Are Movin” single, confessed. “No one talks about it, however everyone’s received ’em.”

Ah-ha! There’s the rub. Everybody wears ’em and it is Trainor who is talking about ’em and not maintaining them on the DL. At first, I believed perhaps there was a secret hair society amongst pop divas with ever-evolving hair, which truly isn’t quite so secret since there is no logical approach that, like, Rihanna can go from a pixie to a shoulder-skimmer bob with bangs within the matter of 24 hours.

But there are celebs with always-long hair who might not speak in regards to the raise they’re getting from faux locks. Trainor, who may or may not have damaged a pop diva lady code by revealing her use of extensions, continued, “I was never allowed to dye my hair or get highlights or extensions as a result of my mother was like, ‘People pay cash to get their hair colored, do not try this.'”

Extensions are a fairly new territory for Trainor, who donned them for the first time for her “All About That Bass” video.” It was like follicular nirvana for her. She said, “It was a complete new world. I felt more highly effective. I really like my extensions, and I don’t thoughts talking about them.”

Certain, faux locks are, effectively, faux. However I applaud the adorbs singer for being honest! She’s enhancing her strands, not Photoshopping faux hair into her photos to please someone else. That would be a totally different story. So do not go throwing shade Trainor’s means even though she obtained well-known on the back of a tune that celebrates real best places to buy hair extensions our bodies and real women being perfect from the underside to the top, irrespective of their size.

Extensions might be enjoyable and permit the wearer to change up their look immediately. They are also a technique with which to express your personal style, so I don’t have any situation with her (or any pop star) wearing them. And neither must you!

As an added bonus, Trainor additionally said she loves being pale and i pretty much swooned. As a fellow apparition-skinned woman, I did the seal clap once i read what she stated about embracing her mild skin and beloved the fact that she is not perma-bronzing, which would be too easy.

She noted, “I’m very pale. I really like being pale as a result of whenever you put on any kind of makeup, individuals discover it right away—they’re like, ‘Oh, she has a lip on!’ However brows are every little thing. And a lip.

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