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August 9, 2018
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If You are In Air Conditioned Place

I’ve always suffered from dangerous hair days since young but it surely bought from dangerous to worse last year after i determined to chop my hair quick. Just after a month I started missing my lengthy hair, I do not really feel sexy (Sure, i kn i sounded like an insecure and shallow b*[email protected], and yea it doesnt get higher especially when I am surrounded by pals with long gorgeous tresses) There was as soon as after i signed up for a lap dance class and it felt bizarre when the dance transfer includes hair flip and all..

120g-200g 10pcs Body Wavy Clip In Remy Hair Extensions #4/27

So..someday I went for hair extension at one of many salon in KL (no level to mention which salon). It price me RM20 per pc, they usually used bout 50pcs over for my entire head.complete harm on tat day was RM1K plus!!! Sat within the salon for few hours to get it carried out. I used to be superbly completely satisfied for like the primary few days but then I began feeling itchy cos it was difficult to dry my hair 100% after washing it, and i even began growing dandruff weeks later! It was also difficult to sleep like normal and my hair look messy after a month cos i was like itchy and scratching my head..didnt actually take any pics during those days but here is one(centre) taken at Thirty8 at Hyatt with my friends.looking like ‘ah soh’. After enduring the torturous itchiness, I went again to the salon and take away the extensions..$$$ gone down causes of dry hair and scalp the drain, my hair additionally drop rather a lot 🙁

I have tried many ways like trimming my hair often as some says frequently cutting it’ll make hair develop quicker but it doesnt work for me. It truly delays my hair from growing long cos without end the size is the same as I keep slicing it.

I have also purchased 5 wigs from totally different locations and seller however by no means dare to step out of the house. My head seems to be bigger and its rattling pretend, not to say I appear like a transvestite (ah kwa) It is also highly regarded, for those who have worn wigs earlier than would know what I am speaking bout. If you are in air conditioned place, effective but when not your head will prolly soak up the primary 5 mins with our current weather.

I’ve tried few forms of clip on hair extensions however I dont actually prefer it as the hair is too fake and shiny. It’s low-cost but u know what they say..u pay peanuts u get monkeys. The clip is also bad quality and workmanship is lousy. Okay, there’s few sort of clip in extensions. I have tried both with single clip on and those with in-built 2/3 clips, which lets you clip in at different section of your head. You may clip it on the side of your head and again.This is healthier in my view cos its extra pure. The one pc with built in 6/7 clips is like one big computer the place u clip it on the back of your head. Effectively then its nonetheless up to particular person desire, so its as much as you.

These days, I have discovered the perrrrfect hair extensions. I really like the way it blends in naturally with my real hair, gentle weight and its approach cheaper. Not to mention, the hair quality is tremendous healthy and actual. It is so comfortable! Its tremendous simple to put on, i may create quantity to my hair cos i have super limp and little hair,flat hair. Not sizzling. This is an ideal answer for me whereas I’m growing my hair long but I will certainly nonetheless use it when my hair is lengthy sufficient cos it provides quantity to my flat head. I definitely feel a lot confident and sexy now cos it really appears to be like wholesome-like those shampoo ad or like I’ve just paid a bomb at the salon.

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