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September 24, 2018
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Why Your Pure Hair Won’t Develop! The expansion Plateau!

Hey naturalistas and future naturlistas!
Long time no “see!”

Have you ever ever noticed that your hair gets to a certain length and then it appears to cease growing
100% Remy Human Hair Ombre Straight Hair Extensions 12"-24" Two Tone #1B/Blue Black To Blue Ombre 100gAfter all hair by no means stops growing, it just breaks off.

I’ve gone via this in my four years of being fully natural. And whereas I’ve by no means had issues gaining length, I’ve had problems holding well being AND length.

Components of my hair would break off (my crown) whereas different elements would develop out with no problem (space by the nape of my neck).

Earlier than I knew it, I’d have some bizarre 1990’s mushroom-formed hair.
Uh. No thanks.

Mini Twists Had been The Supply of My Hair Progress Plateau
Yes, mini twists.

Sounds loopy, right
You’d suppose that mini twists would be one of the best protective model as a result of they last long and require no manipulation. However if you aren’t taking good care of your hair correctly, they’ll truly do extra harm than good.

And technically, a protecting type means your ends are tucked away. So although people often call mini twists protecting, they aren’t actually protective until you pin and tuck the ends away.

When I used to be newly natural, mini twists truly helped me achieve and retain length, however as my ends matured and turned worn, mini twists were my hair’s worst enemy.

After chopping my hair three times since becoming totally pure (due to knots and breakage), I need to share with you what I’ve discovered.

Don’t Leave Mini Twists in Too Long
That is where I really screwed up!

It’s so easy to go away these in longer than you should as a result of they’re so handy, but this may be laborious in your ends.

Mini twists are more likely to take on the form of your particular person hair strands (in comparison with larger twists). So the smaller you do them, the curlier they’re.

Generally those curls on the ends can kind knots over time (particularly in the event you want a trim and/or your ends rub on your clothing.)

This is what was taking place to me.
Dusting Your Ends Helps You Gain More Size

In case your ends are raggedy, split, and knotty, you can’t ignore them. You are just asking for more breakage.

Generally I would flip a blind eye to ends that wanted consideration only to keep my size, but it surely ended up costing me more size because I had to cut off more hair ultimately.

If you’re carrying styles the place your ends are out/uncovered or they curl wigs rub towards clothing, chances are you’ll have to trim extra.

That doesn’t imply it’s important to trim a variety of hair… just a smidgen will do. Some call it a dusting.

Your hair will nonetheless gain size as long as you aren’t trimming greater than you’re growing out (often a 1/2 inch monthly).

You might have heard some naturals say they only trim every 3-6 months. Many occasions these people are carrying quite a lot of protecting types, and if that’s the case, possibly you possibly can trim/dust less.

Do what works for your hair. You can’t all the time go by what another person does.
I dust my hair (snip off about 1/8th of an inch or much less) at least once a month now as a result of I put on a lot of puffs. If you wear your hair out/unfastened a lot, you need to look at your ends carefully.

Moisturize Your Ends Frequently
Every 2-3 days I calmly mist my ends with water and seal them with some type of butter or oil.

This is a good tip if you’re wearing any type of hairstyle. For instance, if you’re sporting a twist out, you’ll be able to re-moisturize by re-twisting and applying the mixture.

Since our ends are the oldest a part of our hair, they are likely to get worn and break off as your hair grows. Protecting them moisturized prevents breakage.

Here’s another great nighttime and shampoo routine to guard your ends.
Take Your Mini Twists Down With Conditioner

Now I spritz my hair with a water/conditioner combo previous to removing them. This softens the hair as you unravel the twists.

When you do hit a tangle, the mixture curl wigs will help forestall a knot.
Additionally, be gentle with the take-down. Slowly rotate the twist in the other route and it should come down smoothly.

Healthy Ends = More Length
Mini twists might not be your issue, but if you happen to aren’t retaining or gaining size, more than likely, you want to pay attention to your ends.

– Wear a satin bonnet or sleep on a satin pillow case
– Be certain that they stay moisturized with a water-based mostly product and seal in moisture with shea butter or oils
– True protecting styles tuck the ends away
– Keep them trimmed — even if which means dusting as soon as a month

Ever notice that shorter hair appears to develop quicker That’s because the ends aren’t as previous, they usually tend to be stronger/healthier. So if you’re taking care of your ends as they mature, you’ll get extra size.

Here’s to healthier, longer hair!
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