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August 6, 2018
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5 More Issues I Did To Get My Daughter’s Pure Hair Growing

Lately, I wrote an article that actually set off a slew of feedback good (and bad) from folks questioning the strategies I used to get my daughter’s hair rising. While I always recognize the feedback, there is one lesson I would like different dad and mom who are learning to deal with their daughter’s pure hair to be taught, Pure Hair Nazis have to take a seat. Being pure will not be a cult the place it’s important to abide by certain guidelines or else you get kicked out. Being natural merely means you do not put a relaxer in your hair. It doesn’t matter in the event you put on your hair in an afro, straight or curly- you are pure. I don’t prescribe to hair types or beliefs that one ingredient will break a product. Instead I experiment and use trial and error. It could not work for everybody, but it’s work for my daughter and myself.

I initially made the decision not to put chemicals in my daughter’s hair as a result of I noticed the injury they’d did to my hair and that i needed her to curly hair frizz on top love her hair- something I didn’t study to do till adulthood. So whereas I knew the journey could be tough, I used to be ready to take on the problem. Her hair didn’t miraculously begin rising overnight. But once i turned consistent in my practices, her hair began to improve. There were instances when I was informed by folks to ‘just put a perm in it’ however I knew that I wished her to just accept her hair in its pure state. In the end, going pure allowed her hair to be healthy…… but not with out a number of trial and error on my half.

100s 0.5g/s Body Wavy Micro Loop Hair Extensions #1B Natural BlackTo additional enable you to guys who are struggling to get your daughter’s hair to develop, I’m going to summarize some pure hair methods that took me 3 years to learn. While these are particular strategies you can begin doing right now, remember that every part won’t work for everyone. Right here goes:

1. Use Aloe Vera Juice in your hair routine.

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