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August 24, 2018
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Recipe courtesy of’s For The Mixtresses!
Coconite Cassia Bars

5 oz bentonite clay powder; draws out toxins, dirt, product construct-up, and improves combability, defines curls.
2 oz unrefined cocoa butter; hydrating and excessive in vitamin E with emollient (smoothing) properties.
2 oz extra virgin olive oil; penetrates the strands increasing energy and elasticity.
1 oz pure cocoa powder; antioxidants protect in opposition to free radicals.
2 tbs cassia obovata (typically referred to as neutral henna); conditions scalp and thickens the strands.

Melt cocoa butter utilizing a double boiler, or improvised double boiler method.
Pour melted cocoa butter into bowl (non-metallic), and combine with remaining components.
Combine totally with a spoon (non-metallic).
Pour mixture into tart or dessert mold (non-metallic).
Place in freezer to set for 2 hours.

Yields eight 1/2 oz Coconite Cassia Bars (using the mold shown below). That is sufficient for shorter hair, however for hair that is shoulder size and longer, chances are you’ll need to at least double the recipe.

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Whereas this recipe is nice I might change a few issues.
1. I wouldn’t use cocoa butter, because of it deep wave weave bob being a sealant. It would not (or atleast there is not proof of it doing so) absorb into the hair. When doing a deep therapy you need the therapy to go “deep”, so you wish to only use substances that might be absorbed into the hair. I would swap it with coconut oil, avocado butter or even simply freeze it with some coconut water and pop them out of the freezer when ready to make use of.

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