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August 9, 2018
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A Journey To Never Having Huge Curls And Loving Myself Anyway

In January, 2013 I went for it and did my first large chop. One factor I’ll all the time love is experimenting with my hair. So between relaxers, dye jobs, weaves, braids and heat it’s safe to say my hair was past broken. If my hair might talk it would’ve said “Shanae, get the scissors. It’s time to maneuver on.” For the first week or so I felt uncomfortable and really self-conscious. I would look easy cute hair styles around and feel these stares that were by no means actually there. This was a shocking reaction, because I’ve by no means had any actual attachment to my hair. I had satisfied myself that somebody would faucet me on the shoulder and by accident name me sir! Even with the blow to me confidence, I just knew my hair would develop again longer, healthier and curly. Spoiler alert: I was wrong. That’s what happens when you listen to Instagram accounts that prefer blended chicks to characterize pure hair. I never received the large curls.

About six months after my huge chop, the afro puff arrived. I used to be anxiously awaiting the arrival of my son, and my hair didn’t seem excited in any respect. It was just there: dry, tough and only considerably defined when wet. I had the average 4C hair and never a clue learn how to care for it. Even in my confusion, I do not assume I ever hated my hair. Frustration Sure, but hatred was never an issue. It didn’t matter how many dumb feedback people made or what number of instances I used to be requested “When are you going to get a relaxer ” I stuck by my fro. It was mine and the fact that the rain not made me run for shelter or that I no longer handled completely timing a chemical that generally burned my scalp only for straighter hair was all I wanted. What I did struggle with was being a product junkie. I swore each product I purchased was going to be perfect for me. The labels made so many guarantees and so they normally fell brief.

In March of 2014, twist outs still hated me. If I forgot to mention, I am really scissor blissful. Throughout, my natural hair journey I’ve managed to cut off too much hair about five times. After i wasn’t cutting and trying to make sense of why my ends would dry out so rapidly, I suffered from hair envy. Flicking via social accounts dedicated to natural hair — and not just all pure hair but the women that appear to command their hair to twist and twirl perfectly and their hair would obey. Ultimately that they had wonderful results that left me jealous. Superb outcomes that allowed them to show off coils that popped even on the third day. Do not get me flawed, my fro was the bomb, nevertheless it laughed on the thought of me trying a wash n’ go.

In April of 2014, heat and i made an attempt to turn into buddies. I remember trying to straighten my hair and by the time I received to the next part the last would already revert. Me and heat determined we were incompatible.

After nearly a yr and a half of being pure, I texturized my hair. The results have been really nice, ignoring the fact that the again of my head informed everyone this was the outcomes of a kitchen beautician. Even worse I used to be the kitchen beautician. I like to recommend to anyone that wishes to try a texturizer to go to a professional, I really wish I did. I ended up hating my hair and missing my puff. Yes, that dry and rebellious puff was on my thoughts heavy. You cannot just throw a headband on texturized hair, when it is a nasty hair day you might have to remain residence.

There was a time I tried the taper minimize for some time. I liked it! Until it began growing again and then I was over it. If you haven’t noticed I get bored of hairstyles very quickly. Once my pure hair started growing again and wasn’t matching the texturized hair, I knew I was in for some bother. It seemed actually unhealthy. It was time to get a wig and that is exactly what I did.

Sure, I wear wigs, and whether you like it or not, I’m nonetheless thought of natural. I know a lot of girls feel there is no point in being pure if you’re just going to cover it up. Maybe they also think calling it protective styling is just some form of entrance. But for me, I consider you do what you need when you are popping.

In March of 2015, I had my second and last large chop. This time, being mainly bald had no impression on my confidence. My pure hair journey made me so comfy in my pores and skin that the size of my hair now not matters. This time I’ve made it a objective to not dye my hair (by myself) and keep away from scissors. Most importantly, by no means return to that dry puff.

Determining what products work greatest for me and not everybody else was key. I also realized to understand other individuals’s natural hair journey while understanding it would not take away from my very own. Whether or not this 4C hair appears to twist on command or not, it’s mine. It’s beautiful and loving it means loving myself. Embracing my pure hair journey was freeing, exciting and value every minute.

My present fab fro:

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This submit is part of HuffPost’s My Pure Hair Journey weblog series. Embracing one’s pure hair — particularly after years of closely styling it — could be a truly liberating and exciting expertise. It’s more than only a “pattern.” It’s a method of life. When you’ve got a story you’d wish to share, please e mail us at [email protected]

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