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November 4, 2018
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African Threading On Skinny Hair /4b/4c Pure Hair

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African threading on thin hair /4b/4c Pure Hair
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African Threading My Method
I’ve pure 4b type hair, which is each tender and high quality, and so whenever I wash my hair it shrinks so much. This creates an issue at any time when I do any wash and go routine. So I need to:

stop breakage
Indian Remy Human Hair Body Wavy 10"-24" Three Tone #1B/4/27 Ombre Hair 100gStretch or lengthen the hair

Retain moisture
Stop shrinkage
African threading for rising hair method does that. I consider this method the final word protective model for pure hair.

Studying how you can stretch out our natural hair with out blowing drying (no heat) has some nice advantages.

Here are some Benefits of Stretching your natural hair
How you can cease black natural hair breakage. Your hair will undergo breakage whether it is dry and frizzy, and if it snarled too. You can not comb by it. Doing the African threading together with trimming your split ends, doing a Protein remedy for dry hair, wash, using an excellent conditioner for pure hair breakage and including a very good detangler for natural hair Will stop or stop hair breakage.

The way to Stretch 4c/4b kinky black hair. This method holds the hair in a stiff or straight full head lace human hair wigs position. The hair is now almost lying aspect by facet to one another as an alternative of coiling round every strands, this help to cease tangling, and knots. Remember our pure pattern is spiral in look. Due to this fact, 4b and 4c natural hair strands do not lie straight next to one another, instead the hair strands overlap and contact one another. The ability of the African threading is that it attempts to hold the hair in a straight jacket kind place.

The hair now starts to stretch or lengthen, and the expansion of the hair is easily seen. This has a constructive impact on our self-worth being that most pure ladies desires our hair be noticeable longer.

Find out how to Moisturize for kinky coily hair. Our hair needs moisture at all times. Water, water is our buddy. With out water our hair will not grow. So water is our quantity moisture contributor together with sealants like shea butter and our favorite oils. Be sure that the water is in spray bottle and infused with olive or coconut oil and add some *green tea extract .If you apply these after which utterly wrap the hair utilizing the African threading technique this retains the moisture lock into the hair and so the hair will begin to develop.

How to cut back shrinkage in pure hair – Again this system hold the hair in a straight position this help to stop tangling, because the hair is not rising on prime of each other. The longer you keep your African threading in; the longer the hair progress becomes. Some people keep the threading for as much as 4-6 weeks each time it is finished.

Throughout these times you need to wear a wig at any time when you’re going out. Tie the threads together flat on your head before you place a wig over the threads or else the threads can be sticking out from under the wig.

When the hair is sufficiently stretch out and you’re taking out the threads, it does look like you blow dry it does is just not

The Aspect showing the threads and rubber bands
How I African Thread my pure hair -The process
1.To thread your hair first take a small portion of your hair (if you have short to medium hair) and half it into two and twist them together to kind a twist curl. Twisting my hair before threading provides my hair an added layer of protection- due to the very fact my hair doesn’t have a powerful nor a volumous texture of a tightly curled 4c hair.

2. Now tie a knot at one finish of the thread to anchor the hair at the basis.
3. Next place the knotted finish beneath your thumb and then start to wrap the twisted hair.

4. Wrap round the foundation of the hair at lease 2-3 times, now start to move the thread slightly downward after every wrap around.

Just earlier than you reach the end/tip take a bit of shea butter to moisten the tip. This is to guard your ends, to maintain it moisturized. Your hair breaks on the tip of the hair (not at the foundation). Check for cut up ends, and if you discover any trim the ends. This is particularly essential if you happen to plan to maintain the threads in for a very long time). You do not want all that onerous work to be wasted due to break up ends.

5. Next roll the top/tip upwards (going in direction of the basis) and then wrap the thread round the end about 2-three times and about half way again up (like you are going again to the basis). This makes the threading extra safe, and won’t slide off so simply.

6. And now another step in this process, use a small elastic rubber band to wrap across the hair where you decide to end the wrap. See the image

7. To higher handle this course of you could possibly half your hair into 4-8 sections using clips and then thread within every section. See the Video under.

African threading on wet or dry hair
Some people do african threading on wet or dry hair, but I favor to do it on damp hair.

Remember our hair is kinky so it curls or coils on itself. So with out water, a detangler, and a depart in conditioner the hair will break very simply.

Should you discover the appropriate facet of my hair -close to my temple breaks very easily, however it is bettering.
How to thread a smooth advantageous 4b/4c naturally kinky hair
Using rubber bands to guard the ends
What Thread sort Ought to I use
Personally I feel it’s full head lace human hair wigs matter of alternative which is Best type of thread for African threading to use to your hair.

You need to use either weave threads, shoe laces, and even silk yarn. I keep three varieties threads on hand.

Give us your opinion
Which African Thread do you choose
Weave Threads

Shoe laces
Silk Nylon theads
See outcomes Your Night time Routine
It is best to protect your hair and the threading by protecting your hair with Silk bonnet and scarves for natural hair, and should consider sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Why because if you use a terry or a cotton cloth to cover your hair they’ll rob the moisture out of your hair. The satin materials can also be gentle on your hair, and on the African threading, and on your ends too.

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