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October 29, 2018
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Naturally Glad Hair

As a rule of thumb, you should always use a heat protectant earlier than you apply any kind of heat to your hair. closure A protectant is a product that helps coat, and strengthens the cuticle, to guard it from exposure to the heat source. There are lots of products in the marketplace (including leave-in conditioners) that may generally serve as a protectant.

My personal product suggestions
11) For blow outs, you should utilize Koils By Nature Shealoe depart-in conditioner.
22) For pressing and blowouts, you need to use Lawrence Ray Ideas Bling Excessive Shine Spray to coat the hair earlier than you blow it out and flat iron it.
33) For flat ironing, you should use Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed Heat Protect Keratin Wrap Hair Mousse before flat ironing. The shampoo and conditioner for this line is also good to incorporate into your straightening regimen.

Getting began
After you’ve detangled and utilized your protectant, it is best to blow dry your hair with a comb attachment; ensure the temperature setting is acceptable to your wet or dry hair. Moisture stays at the bottom of the scalp after your shampoo, in order that area is going to be wetter. You’ll discover your ends tend to dry faster. You can use a medium to high heat setting at the base (root space), however as you move the blow dryer down towards the end of the hair, you want to use the cool down button so you don’t overheat the hair. Use the cool down button at all times on hair that is already dry.

Heat & straightening tips
Should you wear your pure hair straight, it is safe to have it flat ironed every different week (to not exceed twice in one month). In between, you need to shampoo and condition the hair. Use curlformers, flexi rods, rollers, or a wrap to your overnight styling technique.
You don’t have to straighten your hair past a blow dry for length check. A blow out with a dryer is adequate to complete this task. You simply need to verify the place it’s growing the quickest and longest using the least quantity of heat.
When a trim is required, it does not have to be fully straight to get a precise reduce from a professional. A blow dry without flat ironing the hair could be enough to reveal your true form.
When using a hot comb, solely hot comb the roots of your hair. Don’t pull the comb through the entire size of your hair strands. Solely use a flat iron on the physique (or the remaining) of the hair for straightening. When going to a professional, really feel confident in making this advice to your stylist.
In case your hair is ok or tender, be very careful not to over flat iron, or apply to much repetitive heat to the hair; it may not revert back to the curly or kinky curly state.

Flat iron temperatures
Your flat iron temperature is safest on a lower setting (between 375 to four hundred degrees, depending on how thick your hair is). Everyone ought to test the heat of the iron on a napkin first, if the napkin turns brown, then it’s nonetheless too scorching to use to your hair. Modify the settings appropriately. Four hundred to 450 degrees could be Okay on thicker hair; individuals with medium to nice hair should use 375 to 400 levels. But don’t overlook to test first.

When you scent burned hair
There are only two the reason why you’ll smell one thing burning while flat ironing your hair: 1.) You might have truly burned you hair. 2.) If the towel or napkin utilized in checking the temperature of hair bangs for long face the iron is burned with a black or brown residue, the odor from the towel will get into the iron and transfer onto your hair — which causes the odor.

Recovering from heat damage
The unhealthy news is that heat harm can only be healed by slicing off this now dead hair. Even after a protein remedy, there might not be enough enchancment to salvage these strands. Because of the heat, your hair might develop into thinned out … and there is no such thing as a recovery from that harm. You can use argon oil on the ends of the hair left after trimming to protect from further injury.

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