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September 13, 2018
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Doll Hair Care And Cleaning

Correspondent’s Observe: Your correspondent is in Northwestern New Jersey visiting Evelyn Kemmlein, the proprietor of the Doll Room at 735 Route 94 in Frelinghuysen Township. Her shop is crammed with dolls dating from the 1920’s by means of the1960’s, just a few are uncommon and all are highly collectible.

Evelyn performs numerous providers for doll homeowners/collectors. She identifies dolls . ” It is a —- “. She may even provide her opinion with regard to the approximate worth of the doll. There does not appear to be a cost for this service. She is a talented repairer and restorer of uncared for dolls. Visit her store on this pretty corner of recent Jersey or call her at 908-362-5588.

Evelyn has agreed to share her data of doll hair care with the extended Biddington household.
Your Correspondent: Before we get began, Evelyn, please tell us about the totally different sorts of hair we’ll encounter.

Evelyn Kemmlein: Okay. The sorts are: (1) artificial–the everyday hair of trendy (since the 1950’s) collectible dolls, (2) human hair, (3) mohair–from Angora goats. (Mohair and human hair are handled identically.) Then hair v there are:(4) caracul–quick curly fur, (5) wool, (6)yarn, and eventually (7) painted. Painted will not be hair in any respect but an embossed patternon the doll’s head to suggest hair.

YC: That is quite a plateful. Let’s start with artificial hair.
EK: Synthetic hair is connected to a doll’s head in one in every of two methods: (1) through a wig base–a mesh or cloth netting into which the hair is sewn, or (2) the hair is rooted into the doll’s head and glued from the inside.

YC: Inform us tips on how to take care of a synthetic hair wig.
Kingstate Porcelain with Synthetic Wig

EK: Gently remove the wig base from the doll’s head. Wet the wig in cool water and spray it with both Implausible or Windex. (Do not use shampoo which would cause critical over-fluffing.) Work the Implausible or Windex by the hair along with your fingers, then rinse completely.

YC: Now that now we have clean hair, what will we do subsequent
EK: First untangle the doll’s hair. Use a hair conditioner, akin to Clairol, or a liquid fabric softener, similar to Downey. Rinse again. Now comb the doll’s hair with a pet hair brush. The metal tines of the pet brush better penetrate the hair mass and exert much less destructive pressure on the wig base. By no means use a hair brush that has been used on human hair. The brush will carry oils to the doll’s hair that can gather dirt and grime.

YC: How will we model the doll’s hair
EK: Styling is comparatively easy. Artificial hair has a permanent curl which solely requires brushing to re-establish. If the hair doesn’t respond use a curler, however never a curling iron–the heat will burn up the hair.

YC: Tell us about hair care of dolls with rooted synthetic hair.
Little Miss Revlon with Rooted Saran Hair Mid-1950’s

EK: While there is no wig base, hair care is very much the same: The identical cleansers and rinses are utilized. Observe the same cautions with one extra warning. Don’t permit liquids to enter the doll’s eyes. The eyes, untended, will turn into mildewed. If the eyes are accidentially wetted, flip the doll face down on a cloth for hours, be affected person.

Armand Marseille Doll with Human Hair Wig
YC: Evelyn, tell us in regards to the care of human and mohair doll wigs.

EK: In my experience human hair is rarely rooted into the doll’s head and is all the time woven into a wig base. The primary job is the elimination of the wig from the doll’s head. This is delicate work. Place your fingers under the wig and work the wig away from the doll’s head. If there is an unyielding spot, spray that area with cool water. (Do not moisten if the doll is of wooden composition, the paint may loosen.) Now, with the wig removed from the doll’s head select tangles with a rat-tailed comb, hair pin, or ice decide. Be gentle. If the hair is being pulled out of the wig mat, switch to a soft bristle brush.

The subsequent step is to soak the wig in Woolite and chilly water. hair v While the wig is wet choose off any patches of glue from the wig mesh with finger nails or tweezers. Rinse throughly. In a second bath add a couple of drops of vinegar to increase the lustre of the hair. Don’t scrub the wig. While taking the wig out of those baths keep your palms underneath the wig to retain its form. Place the wig on a thristy towel and fan (unfold) the wig into a circle. Press out as much water as possible with a second, masking, towel. Do not rub. Transfer the wig to a clear towel and put it in a warm place to dry.

Heinrich Doll with Bisque Head, Kid Leather-based Body and Mohair Wig
Within the cleaning process the wig might either stretch or shrink. If stretched, stitch in some tucks round the wig base till it matches the doll’s head. If shrinkage has occured remove some stitches from the bottom. Be careful, don’t reduce into the hair. Human and mohair wigs are troublesome to replace and they’re very expensive.

YC: Evelyn, inform us a bit bit about other forms of doll hair.
EK: Caracol and wool hair are often glued to the doll’s head without a wig base. If cleaning is required use excessive care: Avoid liquids. Sprinkle talcum powder or cornstarch into the hair. With a clean tooth brush, gently remove the powders from the doll’s hair.

YC: Evelyn, let’s conclude this survey with a couple of feedback about yarn hair.
Effanbe Little Lady–Composition Physique with Yarn Hair 1940’s

EK: Yarn hair is sewn or glued directly to the doll’s head. The hair could also be washed with a gentle detergent similar to Woolite. Never brush yarn hair.

Patsy Jr. with Painted Hair
YC: Evelyn, thank you, you’ve got been very sort to me and useful to the Biddington family.


Household, for the report, Evelyn additionally sells present-day porcelain and vinyl dolls. In case you want a brand new or older doll, go to Evelyn and this nook of latest Jersey. Don’t wait too long, the farms are going and ranch homes are coming.

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