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August 5, 2018
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This invention relates usually to brushes, more particularly to hair or wig brushes suitable for the cleansing, grooming, teasing, styling, and so on. of artificial and natural hair items, toupees, wigs, “falls” and similar articles.

Deep Curly Malaysian Virgin Remy Hair Extensions 12 Inch to 32 Inch Natural Black 300gThe brush of this invention provides means for flexibility anchoring a plurality of metallic bristles and further provides an air space for cushioning the bristles. The brush constructed in accordance with the invention is fabricated from a body member having an elongated aperture. A pliable cushioning materials having a plurality of metallic bristles anchored therein is secured inside said aperture via a convex forming piece. An air house is also formed between the cushioning material and the forming piece.

The wig brushes presently in use and customarily related to the brush of this invention are normally constructed with a brush body member having an oval recessed portion into which a cushioning materials containing a plurality of bristles is adhesively set. The cushioning material is usually of a barely larger dimension than the recessed area and a portion of the cushioning materials will consequently “bulge” or lengthen outwardly in a curved contour to offer an air cushion straight under the cushioning material and between the cushioning materials and the recessed brush frame. This kind of brush construction requires more time consuming manufacturing steps or operations and has consequently confirmed to be a less economical methodology of manufacture. Furthermore, the recessed area into which the cushioning materials is adhesively set have to be ample in size to facilitate the insertion of the cushioning material; consequently, the dimension of the prior artwork brushes was partly managed and decided by the dimension of the said recessed area. In contrast, the wig brush of the current invention utilizes a special method of construction whereby a comparatively slim, elongated aperture is provided by means of the body member and the cushioning material is inserted into and retained inside the aperture by the use of a convex forming piece. The wig brush, when constructed in accordance with this methodology could be of smaller general dimensions and in reality narrow sufficient to be conveniently carried in a girl’s purse, small pocketbook or different carrying case.

The wig brush of the present invention encompasses a pliable cushioning materials, ideally rubber or rubberlike fabric, for flexibly anchoring a plurality of metallic brush bristles. The cushioning materials is retained within an hair website elongated aperture in the brush frame via a convex forming piece. The forming piece in flip will flex the cushioning material so that it’s going to assume a curved contour extending outwardly from the aperture and will thereby outline an air area between same and the convex floor of the forming piece. The air area thus formed gives an air cushion for elastically seating the cushioning materials inside the aperture. The overall dimensions of the brush bristles may be managed and can be determined by the size and shape of the aperture. It ought to due to this fact be apparent that the wig brush of this invention can be constructed to a conveniently small or narrow form. The utilization of this aperture in conjunction with a convex forming piece for securely holding the cushioning material inside the aperture thus facilitates manufacture and offers for extra economical manufacturing of the wig brushes.

It’s subsequently an object of the present invention to supply a wig brush incorporating a pliable cushioning material of the general character described herein.

Specifically it is an object of the moment invention to offer a wig brush having a pliable cushioning material for anchoring a plurality of metallic brush bristles, and for offering flexible assist for the bristles.

It’s a further object of this invention to provide a wig brush having a convex forming piece for firmly securing the pliable cushioning materials inside an elongated aperture and for further defining an air area between the forming piece and the cushioning materials.

One other object of this invention is to offer a wig brush whereby the overall length dimension of the cushioning materials is approximately 4 instances the width dimension thus offering a brush having a relatively slender form and suitable for carrying within a purse.

The above and different objects, options and advantages of the present invention will probably be apparent from the next description of the preferred embodiment thought-about in connection with the accompanying drawings.

In the accompanying drawings, in that are shown some of the varied potential embodiments of the invention:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the wig brush of this invention exhibiting the handle portion and the plurality of metallic brush bristles extending from the cushioning materials mounted in the elongated aperture.

FIG. 2 is a sectional view to a barely enlarged scale, taken along line 2–2 of FIG. 1 and exhibits the main points of the way wherein the metallic bristles are anchored in the cushioning materials and further illustrates the convex forming piece snap fit within the aperture and providing an air house between the cushioning materials.

FIG. Three is a cross-sectional view taken along line 3–three of FIG. 2 and shows the curved contour assumed by the cushioning materials and the overall configuration and shaping of the metallic bristles.

FIG. Four illustrates the style wherein the wig brush of this invention is assembled whereby the cushioning materials containing the metallic bristles is firmly secured throughout the peripheral lip surrounding the aperture and is held in this place by way of the snap fitting convex forming piece.

Referring now intimately to the drawings, the reference numeral 10 denotes usually the wig brush of the present invention. The wig brush 10 is comprised of a body member 12 having a handle portion 14 at one end thereof and defining an elongated aperture 16 at the other end thereof. The body member 12 is ideally made from a artificial plastic materials; however, metal, arduous rubber or wood fiber frames could also be equally as effective. A plurality of brush bristles 18 are anchored inside a pliable cushioning material 20. The cushioning materials 20 is preferably product of rubber or rubberlike substance which may be simply flexed or stretched to a desired curved contour and but will yieldingly secure the individual bristles mounted therein.

The elongated aperture 16 is surrounded by a peripheral lip portion 22 particularly designed to interact and retain the pliable cushioning materials 20 inside the aperture as might be further described in larger element herein. The individual bristles 18 are ideally made of a metallic substance for elevated durability. Nevertheless, other appropriate substances similar to stiff animal hair, nylon, and so on. could even be utilized. The bristles 18 are mounted within the cushioning material 20, and securely seated therein by protuberances or studs 24 projecting from the top of the bristles 18. The studs 24 stop the bristles 18 from being “pulled out” of the cushioning material 20 resembling when an axially directed pressure is exerted on the bristles 18. A backing 26 ideally of cloth material, is adhesively bonded to the cushioning materials 20 to safe the position and placement of the studs 24 and will also prevent the bristles 18 from being “pushed through” the cushioning materials 20.

The pliable cushioning material 20 and anchored bristles 18 are firmly secured within the aperture sixteen by the use of a convex forming piece 28. The convex forming piece 28 is fabricated of the identical or related material because the body 12 and has a convex curved floor 30. When the forming piece 28 is inserted into the aperture 16, the convex curved floor 30, will contact the cloth backing 26 of the cushioning material 20, to compress the cushioning materials 20 against the lip portion 22 of aperture sixteen via an angular guide 32 and is retained throughout the aperture sixteen via an angular holding portion 34 which cooperates with a corresponding recessed portion 36 of the aperture 16 to provide a “snap fitting.” The FIG. 4 illustrates the meeting of the brush displaying the insertion of the convex forming piece 28 into aperture sixteen and FIG. Three exhibits the convex forming piece 28 in its final position wherein it’s securely retained within the elongated aperture 16.

As beforehand described, the convex curved surface 30 of the forming piece 28 contacts the cloth backing 26 to firmly compress the cushioning materials 20 against the lip portion 22. In so doing the cushioning material 20, being pliable, is flexed and will “bulge” outwardly or exteriorally from the elongated aperture 16. This “bulge” or crown will disperse and decide the spacing of the bristles 18 and will moreover present an air space or gap 38 between the cloth backing 26 and convex curved floor 30. An air gap 40 formed by way of the cushioning materials 20 and cloth backing 26 will assure that suction is not going to be developed within this air area 38 and also will facilitate the insertion of the forming piece 28 by permitting entrapped air to escape by way of gap 40 during the assembly operation. The air space 38 will provide an air cushion for the pliable cushioning material 20 in order that it can be deflected when a pressure is exerted on the bristles 18. The air space or hole 38 will thereby present an added degree of flexibility to the bristles 18. The pliable cushioning materials 20 will, upon removal of the hair website stress on mentioned bristles 18, assume its unique crown or convex shape.

This wig brush building not only provides an improved methodology of fabrication for a wig brush, but additionally offers the added advantage of allowing means to manage the dimensions of the brush and bristles so that it may be made in a narrow and handy dimension.

Although this invention was described in relation to the manufacture of a wig brush 10, it should be apparent to those expert in the artwork that the identical or comparable construction can be used in the manufacture of any brush implement. It should even be noted that the above cited embodiment is meant as exemplary and whereas it has described the invention with a selected implementation thereof different modifications and adjustments is likely to be made within the embodiment so set forth and will be obvious to these expert in the artwork.

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