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October 6, 2018
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Superior Hair Care

Even dolls who do not get performed with much can get soiled or broken hair; in fact, even more so if they aren’t behind glass and so they by no means get the dust brushed out. You probably have a doll who is going to be standing on a shelf loads, periodically shake her hair out, brush it gently and even use compressed air (accessible in spray cans from workplace supply stores) to blow off mud. Additionally, don’t go away dolls in a sunny place, like in front of your bedroom window. The ultraviolet rays are going to make the hair dry and brittle and can even change the colour. I once owned an American Woman Kirsten with very pink hair — she had spent too much time modeling dresses in a storefront window. (Those ultraviolet rays are going to fade her clothing too.)

For shampooing and conditioning, you might want to guard your cloth-body doll by tying her physique in a plastic grocery bag so you don’t get her body wet. This may even keep her neck strings (if she has neck strings) out of the way. You can even take her head off which is a straightforward operation if it doesn’t bizarre you out! (See the detailed photos in the Restringing article.) In case your doll has sleep eyes, you possibly can tape cotton balls over her eyes with non-marking masking tape (like you utilize when painting). You don’t want to do that — just be very cautious to maintain the water away out of your doll’s physique and especially sleep eyes. If you ever do get water in her eye sockets, depart her lying face down for a number of days in a properly ventilated place to let them drain and dry hairstyles for long face women out. You don’t want the sleep mechanism to rust or her eyes will stick. Attempt not to get your doll’s “scalp” too wet — in case your doll is wigged it would loosen the glue holding the wig cap on, and whether it is rooted you may get the inside of the head damp.

16 Inch - 26 Inch 1pcs/lot Two Tone #1B/613 Straight Indian Remy Human Hair 100gWord: the instructions under assume your doll has synthetic hair. In case your doll has human hair, mohair or different natural fibers, these strategies may not be appropriate.

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