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October 1, 2018
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There Are Only Two Methods To Live Your Life

When Henry was born, it was obvious that his head was not fully round. Of course, newborns typically have strangely-shaped heads after making their way down the delivery canal. And loads of babies develop flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly) that can be fastened by carrying a helmet. But Henry’s situation is a bit extra severe than that.

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A CT scan at 9 days outdated showed that one of the bones in Henry’s head had utterly come together with another bone in his head. (These bones are referred to as “sutures”.) This means that one among his delicate spots had closed too early, while he was still in the womb. His head appears considerably normal from the entrance, but you may positively inform that the back of his head is pointy. The facet view and high view show that his head is lengthy and boat-formed.

Henry’s fluffy hair usually hides the odd form, however you possibly can really see it within the bath pictures.
The good news is that Henry’s scan showed fully normal mind progress and his doctors do not believe that he has any increased intracranial strain. However, as his brain grows more, his head Needs to be able to accommodate it. If his head isn’t able to grow in a standard, round form, it could trigger future intracranial strain and development issues.

So that’s the reason our candy little guy shall be spending his three month birthday within the hospital having surgery on his skull.

While I am absolutely terrified at hand over our excellent baby to an operating room stuffed with surgeons, I am trying my finest to remain constructive and give attention to this stuff:

1. Thankfully, the neurosurgeon doesn’t feel that Henry needs essentially the most invasive open-head surgery (cranial vault reconstruction). As a substitute, he can be performing a smaller-scale surgical procedure called the pi procedure. This surgery ought to take lower than an hour and will require a 2 or 3 night time hospital keep.

2. Although the surgery will go away Henry with a scar from ear-to-ear, the scar will eventually be covered up by his lovely hair. (I was thrilled to seek out out that they will only be shaving a strip of his hair for the process, quite than his whole head!)

3. Out of all the forms of craniosynostosis that exist (sure, that lengthy, scary phrase is the official name of it) Henry has the mildest type. He has not one of the syndromes that may typically happen with it. He only has one suture that closed (the sagittal one) instead of a number of sutures. The type that Henry has, non-syndromic craniosynostosis, is taken into account to be “an remoted situation in an otherwise regular child”.

4. This condition is fixable and mustn’t affect him severely for the rest of his life. Approximately 1 in 2,000 babies have this, and medical doctors have been efficiently treating it and fixing it for decades. There are such a hairstyles with curls for long hair lot of extra critical illnesses and heart-breaking situations that different children and their families need to suffer by. We are really blessed, in that sense, that God gave us two very wholesome children, and we will never take that without any hairstyles with curls for long hair consideration.


When we first found out about this, considered one of my first questions was, “What precipitated it ” It is hypothesized that non-syndromic craniosynostosis is brought on by fetal head constraint, which means that his head got caught in a weird position within the uterus and there was not enough room for it to grow in the proper shape. Some forms of craniosynostosis are linked to genetics, however these are generally the more extreme instances that contain syndromes.

Please send all of your most constructive thoughts and prayers for our toddler next week. Pray that the surgical procedure goes smoothly, that he doesn’t really feel an excessive amount of pain, that he recovers shortly and easily, and that he does not should deal with any results of this in the future (apart from the scar, after all). At the least he’s younger sufficient to, hopefully, by no means even remember the surgical procedure itself.

Also, please pray for Barry, Ryan, and myself, as we try to gather the inner power to get through this week and next week. I do know that the surgical procedure is for one of the best, however I’m scared that I will not be capable to go through with it. Please pray that I can put my very own emotions apart for the best interest of our baby.

The pointy part of H’s head is noticeable right here.
I’ve actually had a troublesome time speaking about this, up until now. Talking and writing about it by some means makes it extra actual, and it was merely simpler not to think about. It is loopy that we at the moment are just a few days out. In my thoughts, our comfortable, simple-going baby is one hundred % good, and the truth that he wants surgery is just so arduous for me to wrap my head around. I mean, that little guy holds my complete coronary heart. The considered him feeling any sort of ache absolutely kills me. I hope that we’re making the appropriate resolution and that we are going to be capable to look again and see this as just one other obstacle.

I suppose what they are saying is true about life being a series of peaks and valleys. Thanks all on your assist.

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