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June 12, 2018
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Ever Priced One of those Out

First, it’s important to note that we are being reimbursed for our expenses after the fact. I know not every state/county/company does things the same manner, so what I am describing is how it really works for us particularly. We do not get any cash up front for something. We had to have the ability to show throughout the licensing course of that we are financially ready to offer for all of our youngsters prior to any reimbursement.

When the children are positioned with us initially we can save receipts and switch them in to be reimbursed for as much as $a hundred in clothes. This solely applies if the youngsters are simply coming into foster care and is a one time offer. If the kids are being moved from another foster household, there is no clothes allowance.

As soon as a month we receive a per diem. Since it is public knowledge (accessible on the Texas DFPS web site) I’ll share that we obtain $22.15 per day per (primary) little one. The month-to-month test is sizable in my view. And now that the cherubs have been with us for thus long we do not have as many big purchases to make. But we’re definitely not “making money”. We are reimbursed for our time, effort and bills to raise these youngsters.

Of course all medical bills are covered by the State at 100%. I do know I’ve said it earlier than however it’s value saying again..don’t give out your social security number when filling out medical paperwork in your foster youngsters. Be careful what you signal. I refuse to sign the part of paperwork stating that I would be accountable ought to the children’s major insurance (Medicaid) not cover one thing.

But then we go concerning the business of living life. As a foster family there are extra expenses for food, water, electricity, and naturally the all important gas (and wear and tear in your vehicle) as you transport to the million and one appointments. I am operating the dishwasher at the very least one additional time per day than I did earlier than. I’ve got extra laundry to do. There are additionally the additional meals out (or not less than introduced dwelling) as a result of schedules are a multitude due to visits, social workers and other foster care appointments.

I also make it a precedence to have “experiences” with the cherubs that with out the per diem money we might not be capable of afford. It costs too much to take a household of seven just about anyplace. However I want to make it possible for my cherubs get to experience as a lot as they probably can throughout their time with us. Who knows if they’ll ever get to have any of those experiences again in the event that they return to their household of origin ! We’ve gone to the beach, the zoo, Sea World, the aquarium, Iowa, and so many extra places.

The other day, whereas in the shower though, I used to be eager about money..and foster parenting..and the issues I’ve purchased only for my bonus cherubs.

See this head of hair When it isn’t all up and pretty like this, it reaches right down to Dolly’s knees. I believed I used to be doing a superb job of washing and rinsing it. I used a ton of water and had her hold her head below the faucet to rinse with clear water. Still, getting all the tangles out was an enormous course of. Then we went to my parents’ house at Christmas and I was in a position to rinse her hair with one of those shower heads hooked to a hose as opposed to the wall straight. It made an incredible difference!! Her hair had by no means been so clean.

When we bought back from Christmas vacation (and after courtroom of course) I determined it was time to add a fancy-smacy shower head like that for me at residence. I personally didn’t need one however I knew it might make issues higher for Dolly.

That meant I needed to take away the shower caddy that used how long do tape in extensions last to grasp beneath my shower head. The hose on my new shower head obtained in the way. Still, I needed a spot to place shampoo, soap and different shower necessities.

So I rigged up this contraption.
All this for Dolly’s hair.

That obtained me thinking about different issues around the home bought simply so we can be a foster family.

We need to have Class K fire extinguisher in our dwelling. Ever priced a kind of out I was in a position to buy a refurbished one from a local fireplace safety retailer nevertheless it still set me again almost $200. Each two years I get to pay for a home fire inspection. I also get to pay to have all of the extinguishers in my dwelling inspected and tagged.

We have several of those lock boxes around the home. They’re almost $50 apiece. I’ve two for cleansing supplies and one for drugs.

Gotta keep the beer underneath lock and key too. I’ll admit it although, my vodka doesn’t at all times make it again to the locked fridge in the storage. I often just disguise it in a cupboard in the kitchen. Shhhhh..don’t tell.

Then there is that this baby..all because I used to be told at our final re-licensing inspection that we had to lock up our pitch fork. $600 later (plus some extra fees because Mr. Superb ended up needing some assist with installation) we at the moment are able to lock up our pitch fork. No, our bonus cherubs have been by no means allowed within the storage earlier than. And sure, the pitch fork was hanging neatly from hooks on the wall. The whole lot was completely protected. But now..we’re oh a lot safer because it’s beneath lock and key. (you’ll want to read that with plenty of sarcasm!) We could have gone with a smaller cabinet so technically it wouldn’t have to have cost fairly as much as it did. However I additionally had to find room for a pair cans of house paint that additionally had to be locked up. It made extra sense to purchase a bigger shed than a small how long do tape in extensions last wall unit merely so we might arrange our storage higher general. (And it wasn’t attainable to maintain the garage locked on a regular basis because of our larger children, their toys, and the additional fridge where I keep the milk. So a shed it had to be.)

Last on the listing I may think of off the highest of my head, but not least, there are all the shelving items I’ve had to buy to home all our bonus cherubs’ toys. My cherubs need for nothing! And in order to keep “their” toys separate from “our” toys, I’ve had to get a number of completely different units of shelves. The longer they’ve been right here, the extra they’ve accumulated. In fact a few of their toys can keep in a communal area. However since we have now blocks (for instance) and they’ve blocks..issues have to be saved separate in order that when (if) the cherubs leave our home we can be able to find their toys.

I have another trip to Lowe’s deliberate for this weekend because I nonetheless don’t have sufficient storage for all of the toys the cherubs bought for Christmas. They have a pile of them in their closet (below) as a result of I actually thought they had been going to be leaving me and that i did not even open up all the pieces they obtained. (Side observe: do you ever cull out your foster kid’s toys I imply..if these had been my ceaselessly kids I might tell them that they should do away with a few of their toys. Dolly doesn’t want or play with 43 different doll babies. Dude doesn’t need 8 totally different large trucks. ..issues like that.. Or do I keep every little thing and send all of it with them ought to they ever leave ) I hope you may cherubs want for nothing. They’ve big wardrobes. They’ve tons of toys. They get to do numerous cool issues. And as a result of all the principles and regulations, their house is quite protected. I don’t separate out the per diem money that we receive monthly and ensure that all of it goes “just” to the children. I do not know the way I may do this precisely (emphasis on “I”..others finances cash a lot in a different way/better than I do). As an alternative, I dwell my life and that i provide every part the cherubs want after which some. If my dishwasher isn’t utterly full, but I know that my life might be easier (and me a better mother or father consequently) if I just run it..I run the dishwasher. If I must screw up my schedule due to a social worker and we find yourself getting take out..I don’t worry about it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is..the per diem money is a reimbursement and I do not dwell on it. It’s just added in to our common finances. I take care of the kids. I pay the bills. And we just carry on keepin’ on. I’d love to listen to how others do it although if you are so inclined to remark.

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