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How To apply Hair Weave

October 5, 2018

How To apply Hair Weave

Most girl like strive new hairstyle as a result of completely different hairstyles could make her a new feel and look. Hair Weave will be bought from most beauty supply shops, in both artificial fiber or one hundred percent human hairs.However the troublesome is that apply the hair weave must pay some money, it could be a contented thing if you can apply the human hair weave by your self without cost.At this time I will inform you the way to apply hair weave by your self.


a: Hair weave on wefts, commonly known as tracks, as near your pure hair coloration and texture as attainable.

Brighter 4 Bundles Malaysian Loose Wave Virgin Hairb: Weaving thread and a weaving needle, or a hook needle as it’s easier to work with.

c: Additionally, you will need a scissor, comb, brush, polishing gloss and a flat iron or curling iron.

Learn how to do

Wash your individual hair first,then give it a trim according your need and braid it up, leaving out your bangs and sufficient hair within the crown to cowl the tracks. braid your hair straight again in cornrows and join the braids into 1 going across the again of your head. The underside row of hair closest to the nape, braid it into 1 braid going across and likewise join the ends into the braid mentioned above, subsequent braid your cornrows with weaving thread so that they’ll stay tight and not come undone once you wash my hair.

Then tuck the unfastened ends under the braid and secured with thread, measure your track for the first row from one aspect of the braid closest to the nape to the next, lower the monitor to the proper size and sew the track onto the braid. You do that for each additional row till you get to the crown.

Then comb the hair ignored in the crown all the way down to cowl the tracks, apply the polishing gloss and flat iron your natural hair to mix with the tracks. Then trim the ends of the extensions to define the layers and body the face, and slightly bump under the ends with the flat iron.You should not be capable to see any tracks.

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