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How to combine Brown Blonde Hair Weaves

August 30, 2018

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How to combine Brown & Blonde Hair Weaves

Thoroughly wash and dry your pure hair.
Divide your natural hair with the tip of your rat tail comb and cornrow it to create a base on your weave. Cornrows lay flat in opposition to the scalp, facilitating the weaving course of. Ensure that the braids of the pinnacle are used as a separate part of the highlights, if you are doing highlights. Braid cornrows in each part shut collectively, revealing as little scalp as possible between the braids.
If you would like neat highlights within the entrance or on the facet, you shouldn’t cornrow all of your hair straight back. Cornrow separate sections for highlights on the entrance and facet. Cornrow all the hair straight again, or combine with a circular sample shade or back highlights.
Thread a needle and tie knots in the ends of the thread.
Select the primary shade you want to make use of. You can begin at the back when you plan on mixing your look or applying your highlights on the nape. In the event you plan to highlight one other space, it’s best to firstly sew that part.
Remove the weave observe. Measure the monitor from ear to ear. Lower it to fit. Sew the monitor onto the braids, starting on the nape of your neck, from ear to ear. When sewing, you need to pull tracks tight.
Use an arm’s length to forestall tangling. By no means minimize weave hair for the top of the top. At the head’s high, you may sew a thumb-sized circle, after which minimize away all stays.
Use one coloration on top or create a blended look by completing your weave in a “X”sample to continue your highlights within the back. Keep alternating colours or use one color. Re-thread your needle. Lower off any thread hanging on the knot. Stitch from the appropriate aspect behind your ear to the entrance left. Sew across your forehead from left to right, after which then proceed downing diagonally behind the left ear.
Measure the weave along the size of the braid in your spotlight-designated part, after which sew in highlights on the front or facet.

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