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October 1, 2018
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How To fix An Electric Fan

I can really feel that my electric fan has been struggling these previous few weeks but saved on ignoring it.Then, simply a few days in the past, I woke up and discovered that it already had enough. It will not turn and was just stressing its “engine” 🙂 Thankfully, I have been tinkering and fixing electric fans at residence since I was 13 so coping with this one wouldn’t be an issue.

Please watch the video to see exactly what’s taking place. (Apologies for the poor video quality and my horrible voice :))

As I’ve mentioned – as long because the motor nonetheless humms or you’ll be able to nonetheless feel that it is still making an attempt to turn the blade, then there’s nonetheless hope! The problem with the fan lies on two components – the shaft (the place the blade is connected) and the bushings. Dirt and mud accumulate on these transferring components over time leading to rust which supplies your motor an extra load. Generally strands of hair also accumulate in the bushing and shaft (as within the case of my sisters’ fan) and they’ve identical effect as rust. If your fan’s motor is stressed out lengthy enough – it burns out and worst case is that you just also burn your home 🙁

TIP: If the motor has already given up on you (no extra humming or no extra movement – NR na siya) then its already as much as the professionals to repair this. Positive you should purchase a brand new motor for around 200 to 300 pesos however wiring it and having to fret in regards to the motor’s alignment is simply a lot for first timers ( consider me – I have been there). As my mom often says – its not well worth the problem.

To get entry to the motor – we have to take away the blade and all of the covers. (Be certain that THE FAN Will not be PLUGGED IN)

Eliminated the blade cowl – see how a lot dirt is in my blade – so that is why I’ve been having asthma assaults usually.

Remove the screws right here.
And here to remove the motor’s cover.

That is why my motor’s having such a hard time – there’s mud all over the place! TIP: Do not be like me – clean your fan at the least as soon as a month by washing the blade and every little thing which you can take away with soap and water. Each two month, it’s advisable to take away the motor’s cowl – and brush out the mud there. Remember – an ounce of prevention is price more than a pound of cure!

Remove the screw which holds the oscillator (normally at the bottom) – some fashions have clips as a substitute of screws.

Remove the clip near the top of the shaft – this serves as a information/stopper for your fan’s blade.
Take away the screws that safe your motor.

Pull it out fastidiously – be mindful of the wires connected to the motor as pulling out one of these wire will damage it.

The fan has one bushing within the entrance
and one on the back.. both of those must be replaced.

In this model -you just pry it out with a flat head screw driver or a long nose pliers. Some models have clips that you need to drag out.

Here is what inside – the bushing, the foam pad and the lock/cover (you will purchase a new set for round 25 pesos)

This is the fan’s motor shaft how to use hair clips long hair – you’ll want to have just the shaft changed – the store where you may buy your elements will put in the brand new one – be sure you deliver this with you. Save the spacers since you will have it when you place it back in. you may also substitute this with new ones – simply make sure you will have the identical top.

The new set and the previous one.
Placing back the bushings could also be a bit tricky and need’s persistence. I broke the cover the first time I did this – its how to use hair clips long hair a great thing they are cheap. Place the foam and the bushing where it belongs and place the cover on high. Push in the cowl carefully utilizing your screwdriver – you’ll end up with one facet in and the opposite aspect nonetheless out – evenly tap it in utilizing a small hammer (its a tight match) and once it locks – your executed! (the identical for the bushing on the again)

See that the outdated shaft is already broken and rusted.
Put it back together – make sure you check if the shaft is rotating freely earlier than you place back the cover. What I do is to attach the blade and see if the fan works at all. If the blade will not be turning freely – your alignment is off – you need to maneuver the bushing a bit to align the shaft properly.

After everything checks out – put the fan again collectively.

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Everythings now clean and it appears nice!

Yes! You can Repair YOUR FAN!

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