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How To use Hair Extensions

September 13, 2018

Brazilian Straight Hair 4 Bundles With Lace ClosureHow To apply Hair Extensions
Applying Personal Strand Extensions

  1. Make a decision about what kind of hair extensions you need. Select the pure hair or synthetic hair.
  2. Seek the advice of your hair dresser to suit the extensions for your individual hair colours or simply choose the shade you need. Decide on the lengths that you just need indeed.
  3. Decide the best way you hope your own private strand extensions related.An? outstanding strategy is by intaking of a fairly trendy technology applicator that softens the polymer relationship towards the top of the strand. Your hairdresser would make good use of this to mold and gear the extensions to your hair.
  4. Using steel rods to hold the extensions weaved in or clamped,quite than using the excessive-heat polymer method.

Applying Weft Hair Extensions

  1. Request your hair dresser to creat small plaits of your hair in rows which known as tracks around your head. Working horizontally around the again of your head,these tracks are underneath the hairline in order that they’re certainly not apparent.
  2. Determine the amount of wefts that you prefer to so as to add to your own hair. And this mostly must be consider based on the thickness and size that you really want.
  3. Request your hair dresser to sew in the weft to the tracks of hair.
  4. Combing your hair over the extensions to blend in the weft with your own hair naturally.

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