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September 6, 2018
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Long Hair And Older Women

Forty-seven-12 months-old TGB reader, Peggy Race, emailed lately asking about previous ladies and lengthy hair.
Peggy’s proper that basically, the advice for ladies older than (even) 35 is to cut their hair brief, and lengthy hair, especially lengthy grey hair is trigger for comment, normally destructive. The explanations given depend upon the supply:

1. Girls’s magazines: Short hair is extra manageable.
2. Salon owners: Lengthy hair makes ladies previous 35 look older than they’re.

3. Bigots: Outdated ladies look stupid trying to appear youthful.
None of these causes is valid. Brief hair takes rather a lot of labor beginning with frequent visits to the hair cutter. Until you’re blessed with the kind of hair you may run your fingers by way of and look nice, retaining brief hair neat can involve curlers or straighteners or curling irons and mousse or gels or whatever else retains it in place.

My hair has grown almost right down to my waist now. I trim off the lifeless ends from time to time, wash it each different day, let it air dry – it takes only an hour – and brush it. How easy is that. I pull it again in a clip for a low pony tail or pin it up in a bun. Both way takes only a couple of minutes. Marian Van Eyk McCain of elderwomanblog (pictured), wears her long, grey hair in a single braid.

It’s standard knowledge that long hair on older girls calls consideration to wrinkles and sags and makes them look older. Older than what This reason presupposes that trying one’s age is a nasty factor which I’ve spent nearly six years arguing against on this blog. Plus, salon owners have a vested interest in brief hair to keep ladies coming back for a lower every few weeks, so do not hearken to them.

As to the final motive, except a 50-plus woman is walking round in a miniskirt, bare midriff and an excessive amount of make-up with her long, grey hair, I do not understand the objection. And even when she does wear all these things, who am I – otherwise you – to evaluate her.

Almost forty years ago whereas walking lace front half wig across West 57th Street in New York Metropolis, I observed a lady in entrance of me with lengthy, straight hair hanging practically to her waist. No big deal; many ladies wore long hair then, however not grey hair, as this woman had.

I would had a buddy lace front half wig who had gone utterly grey in our mid-20s, so I used to be curious to know how outdated this woman was. I sped up and reached her at the next nook. Hoping for subtlety as we waited for the light, I took a peek at her face. She was not, like my friend, prematurely grey. She was, I was guessing, in her mid- to late fifties and she regarded fabulous. After all, she was additionally tall, slender, had cheekbones and a clean jawline, four issues nature left out of my anatomy.

Even so, I decided then and there that after i got outdated, I might put on my gray hair long. A part of the reason for the choice, even at age 35 or so, was that I disliked every second and resented every greenback I spent at the hair shop. I assumed it was obligatory then for – effectively, what did I believe I’m undecided now; it probably had something to do with males.

Lengthy hair is problematic in outdated age whether it is thinning. Mine is and I’m nonetheless vain sufficient to not wish to showcase my balding spots. That is where the bun is available in; it covers the thin space on my crown fairly nicely.

Given the prevalence of age discrimination in the office, it’s most likely a foul concept, if you’re not retired, to stop coloring your hair and put on it lengthy or in an old style bun – although previously few years, younger skilled ladies have increasingly worn buns. However I’m pretty certain the identical model in an older lady would be seen as “letting herself go.”

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If, however, employment is just not a priority and it pleases you to have lengthy hair, gray or not, I say go for it, Peggy. The people who are who’re pressuring you to cut it are out of line.

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