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Learn how to Make Hair Clip-ins

August 12, 2018

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The right way to Make Hair Clip-ins

  1. Prepare the pieces of wefts which may very well be the same width because the snap-on hair clips, if not, lower them into the identical width. And usually a clip want one to 2 pieces.
  2. First you need to put the weft’s woven portion onto the clip, after which place the hair to make them go in the identical path of the clip’s teeth.
  3. Use thread to thread a needle which might match your hair colour, and with a purpose to create a double thickness, you need to tie up the ends of the thread together.
  4. Work from one finish of the clip, after which make it sew by way of the weft’s woven portion and around the clip. Whilst you make the loop process, you could possibly simply in line with your personal method and create a loop in each hole.
  5. When you have got reached one other finish of the clip, you should tie off the thread.
  6. If your desired extra volume of hair and the thickness impact, you can sew a second piece of the weft on the highest of your last weft.
  7. For every clip, please repeat the process.

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