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September 5, 2018
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Boutique Hair Bow Tutorial

I did starch my ribbon previous to beginning this bow.
Step 1)
Take the ribbon (I’m utilizing 1 1/2″ ribbon in this tutorial) and make the form shown above, at all times ensure to maintain the “right side” (ie- printed aspect up in heart). Make sure that the lengthy aspect of the ribbon is in the again with the longer side of the ribbon hanging all the way down to the left.

Step 2)
20pcs 50g Straight Tape In Hair Extensions #24 Light Golden BlondeCarry the lengthy facet of the ribbon up over the prevailing ribbon so that the lengthy facet of the ribbon is now up and to the suitable.

Step 3)
Take the lengthy aspect of the ribbon (that is up and to the fitting) and bring it back down BEHIND the top piece of ribbon in the middle of the bow. The lengthy piece will now be hanging down towards the middle of the bow.

Step 4)
Take the piece of ribbon that was hanging down in the direction of the center/left backside and convey it to the higher left facet of the bow. This would be an excellent time to make any changes to your bow to be sure all of the loops are even.

Step 5) Flip your bow sideways (horizontal) and in the center rigorously fold the bow (see image above). For wider ribbon you should fold it in order that there are 3 peaks in the middle.

Step 6)
Using your nice gauge wire tightly wrap the wire round the center of the bow and twist it on the again side of the bow and trim off the lengthy pieces. Press the wire down so it’s not sharp.

Step 7)
Singe one finish of the smaller ribbon (I all the time use a protracted candle lighter- fray test is expensive and I’ve discovered it to not work as effectively) to stop fraying and starting on the again of the bow where the wire is tightened and reduce off, glue one finish of your small ribbon. Wrap the ribbon around the middle of the bow. Trim off excess ribbon and singe again and glue down on again of ribbon. It’s important to utterly finish the bow prior to attaching it to the clip. Especially for the alligator clips. Some clips are made with the center ribbon wrapped around all the clip and this causes the clip to not close entirely and the clip won’t keep in as nicely. This manner the “seal” on the clip is tight.

Step 8)
Tear off a bit of the wax paper and fold it over a number of times. Clip the alligator clip to the wax paper and load the clip (the angled aspect) up with sizzling glue. And stick your bow to the glue lined clip. Allow the glue to dry fully and then peel away the wax paper that is in the clip. Trimming away any excess that can be seen from the entrance of the bow. This should go away a very clean and even long real hair extensions floor inside the clip so that it’s going to hold the hair! Trim and singe the ends of the ribbon with the lighter… watch out though… simply barely get the top of the ribbon close to the flame… the ribbon will turn black if burnt.

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