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October 20, 2018
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Curly Hair Is gorgeous!

I have been a bit of busy to do something value displaying recently, however I do have a bit something coming tomorrow and some things in mind coming quickly! 🙂
But for now, meet our Curly Pal, Jerrica!

Do you like your hair What (if anything would you change if you could )
“In case you have been to ask me that as a kid or young grownup I’d of said no! However now with all the methods to put on my hair and now that I learn to take higher care of my hair Im more snug with it.
There may be one thing Id change. I get in grown hairs in my head and that makes it so that my kinds gotta come out or I cant even get my hair completed generally. At occasions like that I do have wigs I wear.

Sure I used chemicals a couple of instances as a teen. My mom at all times stored my hair up for me as a kid however then after i received too outdated for all the little bows and what not then I decided I need my hair down. Nicely my associates was all gettin their hair perm and talk me into it. I didnt regret it. My hair look good after i had it permed because I might use the flat iron or sizzling comb and make it sleek. The reason why I stopped perming was because I used to be getting the identical results with hot combs and that was cheaper.

Dont really have a “routine” precisely. I just style when ever and i moisturize my hair on daily basis and each night time. I sleep in a cap/bonnet/scarf so that my moisturizer doesn’t get all over my pillows and so my hair stays neat. Okay perhaps I do have a routine! Lol!

Your not gonna agree with this. But my idea of pure hair just means no chemicals. I take advantage of what ever product seems to be good to me on the time. I take advantage of hair grease as a result of its low cost straightforward to find and it keep me from getting head lice. Just a few weeks ago everybody I work with had got head lice! We all share head sets which have foam padding and that is how the head lice spread. There is 2 black staff other than myself who do not use hair grease and so they obtained lice luxhair wow along with the opposite white employees. So sure black folks DO GET HEAD LICE however the hair grease makes it so that the eggs cannot stick! Im willing to take my possibilities with the hair grease for that motive and the truth that it does the very same Thing for my hair as the costly products every one cant dwell with out! 😉 Dont beleive that it causes health problems. If that was true there would have to be a warning label and you would hear story about people having issues as a consequence of hair grease. I just snigger once i hear/see of us raving about how unhealthy and harmful it is! Come on of us its hair grease. Its safe. Lmbo!

My hair is in the 4c vary Id say
Greatest advice-sleep with a cap or bonnet, scarf or anything you want. It really helps keep my hair neat.
Worse advice-hair grease trigger cancer hair loss and lots of problems with health. This isn’t true! I have a cousin in cosmo faculty and she never heard that rumor. She requested her teacher and everybody and they stated that hair grease won’t be the best thing to make use of But it does not cause well being issues. I asked my dr, she by no means heard of anything and I’ve been making an attempt to see circumstances of hair grease causing issues and nonetheless havent.

Dont observe the crowd in terms of your hair or anything really. Simply because a certain person or people likes or doesn’t like something it does not imply it wont be just right for you. Alot of firms will come up with tales to scare you into thinking you’ll lose your hair if you utilize sure things or that their product will make your hair grow. Well I believe I am proof that your hair WILL develop even for those who selected to use hair grease as a substitute of another products about 10 times the value! My hair is respectable length and I have reduce it.

I dont have one of the best styles to indicate because for one Im not a great stylist. Lol! I need to take my pics off my cell phone but here you go! Sure it’s my real hair in every pic. I used hair grease in each pic together with some icee olive oil.

Thanks so much for placing me in your blog and that i hope to be on again!
120g-200g 10pcs Straight Clip In Remy Hair Extensions #2 Darkest BrownThanks for sharing your images and story with us! Feel free to contribute once more any time!

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