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October 8, 2018
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With so many methods of hair extension application available, it can be laborious to determine which method it is best to select.

There are pro’s and con’s to every method, which I’ll do my best to elucidate in this submit.

Scorching FUSION (Often known as bonded and pre bonded extensions)
This technique has been around for over 25 years. In style brands like ‘Racoon’ have made scorching fusion bonding extremely fashionable.
It is a single stranded methodology, meaning the hair is available in a small strand weighing between 0.5 – 2g each.
Each strand is applied using a special hot glue which melts (fuses) to the pure hair, leaving a safe bond.
This methodology is appropriate for many hair sorts. It isn’t suitable for damaged party wigs australia or over processed hair.
Removal of sizzling fusion hair is a prolonged process. A chemical just like acetone is applied to all the bonds. The bond itself is often crushed utilizing a hair extension plier. The hair extension technician should continue applying the remover and crushing the bond till the extension and bond may be removed.
This may be damaging to the pure hair.
Sizzling fusion extensions can final up to 3 months.

MICRO RINGS (Also referred to as micro links, micro loops or micro beads)
This system has been round for round 8 years.
This can also be a single stranded method.
Each strand is applied to the hair utilizing a tiny metallic ring.
A small part of the pure hair is pulled by way of the micro ring. A strand of hair extension (generally known as an I-tip) is then inserted into the micro ring. The ring is then clamped shut, securing the extension to the natural hair.
This method is appropriate for many hair sorts. It is unsuitable for anyone suffering with greasy hair because the extensions can slip out when they come into contact with any oils.
Removal of micro ring extensions could be very quick and straightforward. The micro ring is just opened utilizing hair extension pliers and the extension and the micro ring are faraway from the natural hair.
Micro rings can last up to 3 months and may be maintained (pushed again as much as the scalp)at around 6-8 weeks.

The method of weaving has been round for centuries. With the primary form of weaving courting again to the Egyptians.
There are three primary weaving strategies, The braided weave, L.A weave and Micro weave.
The hair itself comes on one lengthy strip of hair referred to as a ‘weft of hair’.
One of the three strategies listed above is used to attach the weft of hair to the natural hair.
Extra information on the appliance of weaves might be found here:-
A weave methodology is suitable for most hair varieties.
Weave hair provides an on the spot voluminous look but does not move as naturally as a single stranded methodology.
The removing of a weave is fast and simple. The weft hair is lower out and the braid is undone or the micro rings are opened and eliminated.
Weaves can last up to three months and might usually be maintained after 6 – 8 weeks.

TAPE IN HAIR EXTENSIONS (Also called pores and skin weft or skin weave hair extensions)
The tape in methodology is one if the most recent accessible. It has solely recently been launched to the U.Okay
A weft of hair round 2 inches broad has had a special adhesive tape utilized to one facet.
A skinny part of natural hair is sectioned off and sandwiched inbetween two strips of tape in hair.
This method is appropriate for all hair varieties.
Tape in hair is revolutionary for thin/high quality hair because it lays completely flat to the scalp, which means they’re very discreet.
Lasting 2-three months before they need removing and refitting.
The removal process is comparatively straightforward. A citrus remover is applied to the strips and the tape is gently prized apart and faraway from the hair.

Nano ring hair extensions are still very new to the market and have solely been round for just a few years.
It is a single stranded method.
The appliance process is similar to the micro ring application. A small strand of hair is pulled by way of a nano ring and a nano ring hair extension is inserted into the ring and clamped shut.
Appropriate for all hair types. Due to the dimensions of the rings, this technique is beneficial for thin/wonderful hair.
Removal is fast and easy. The nano ring is opened utilizing hair extension pliers and the extension and ring are faraway from the hair.
Lasting up to three months.

Clip in’s are a temporary technique of extensions which are removed earlier than sleeping.
Wefts of hair that have had clips attached to them are applied to the pure hair.
Clip in’s are great for occasional put on however not advised for every day wear because the clips can be heavy and pull on the scalp.
Removing couldn’t be easier. Merely open the clips and the hair will slide off.

FLIP IN’S (Also referred to as halo hair and invisi wire hair pieces)
One other momentary methodology, again removed before sleeping.
Wefts of hair which were sewn together to make one thick weft. An invisible wire has been hooked up which sits on top of the hair (like a halo). The pure hair is positioned on prime of the flip in to hide the extensions.
Very comfy to wear and may be worn each day as no heave clips are connected.
Take away in seconds.

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