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September 15, 2018
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Fascinating Info About Argan Oil For Hair (#5 Is One of the best)

Many natural oils are good for hair – argan, avocado, olive, coconut, jojoba and others. They are all categorized as hair conditioners. They are used to reinforce the smoothness and manageability of hair and make it shine.

Some Common Hair Problems

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Drawback #1: Static electricity in your hair will be caused by the cleansing agent in your shampoo, lack of humidity in the air or lack of moisture in the hair itself. This causes frizz and friction.

Downside #2: Should you add harsh chemicals and environmental circumstances, or for those who brush or comb your hair roughly, the hair shaft can turn out to be “weathered”. This can be a degeneration of the hair that begins at the roots and moves to the tips. It begins with harm to the overlapping scales on the surface of the hair shaft (the cuticle). Hair will then tangle and frizz.

Problem #3: If the natural oil layer is stripped off, water can get into the cortex at the center of the hair shaft. This may cause hair to stretch and break. Repeated swelling and drying can cause harm known as hygral fatigue.

Drawback #4: The cuticle can crack – after which the perms on color treated hair injury and breakage will unfold to the cortex and the keratin (protein) layer.

Drawback #5: There is a difference in the structure of Asian, Caucasian and African hair. African hair is probably the most fragile and certain to interrupt. It has the least number of layers in the cuticle, the least amount of sebum produced and it has a tight curl. The curl stops natural sebum from transferring down the hair shaft, so hair ends get very dry and cut up.

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