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September 14, 2018
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Did I Point out That Daisy Isn’t Sleeping

Daisy will not extensions be sleeping. Not more than two hours at a stretch. It is maddening. I’ve tried E.V.e.R.y.t.H.I.n.G!!!! I will call the neurologist once more as quickly as I am carried out posting this. I known as last week. I called yesterday. They usually have not even informed me “no” to my request for a sleep support for Daisy.

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A foster family with our company had an emergency come up on Friday last week. It wasn’t a demise – nevertheless it was incredibly serious. They wanted to go away instantly for North Carolina. That meant my agency had to find emergency respite for their 9mo little lady and 20mo little boy (separate cases). We initially agreed to take the little woman for the weekend only until a longer term placement could possibly be discovered. My company switched things on us though and positioned us with the 20mo little boy. I named him Mr. Wispy on FB. He’s a tiny wisp of a thing with lengthy, wispy, blond hair.

Mr. Wispy came in to Care about forty five days ago for the primary time. Apparently he is from a couple counties over. I need to assume on the time of his placement there were no open houses prepared to take him in his county. (He is absolutely adorable and very simple to care for general. Somebody critically missed out on a fun little boy.) Anyway, it was lately court docket ordered that Mr. Wispy be moved to a home where he is from so he might be nearer to his bio mom.

Silly me. I believed they may take care of that the primary part of this week.
I agreed to take Mr. Wispy by means of the weekend. I told my company that my drop-useless date of caring for him was this Thursday. Certainly they might get him moved to his new “everlasting” dwelling by then.

Foolish me.
It is now Tuesday and I used to be asked if my company was pretty girl hair to choose him up on Wednesday or Thursday.

It appears my agency is perfectly Ok with moving him from his first foster house, to me for a week, to another person for an additional week or so and then to his remaining “permanent” foster dwelling back in his hometown.

I knowledgeable my company that I’m uncomfortable with that. No baby must go through that many mommies. I said he can keep until they discover a home 3 hours away.

They told me yesterday a house had been discovered.
They told me at the moment that dwelling fell by way of and we’re back to sq. one.

Did I mention that Daisy is not sleeping
So, that’s about life at my house. I’ve got two infants, two tweens and two teenagers.
(If a 9yo counts as a tween..HE thinks he is almost an grownup most of the time.)

Now – to go name that neurologist again. I’ve tried twice while penning this and they don’t decide up.

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