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October 6, 2018
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To The Wig Shop!

Before and After.
The hair in a wig is usually manufactured from plastic. Until it is an expensive human hair wig, which I know nothing about as a result of they’re too costly for me to have. So presuming that you are poor like me, and working with a synthetic wig, common previous hair dye isn’t going to work. Being as it is designed for regular old hair that is not manufactured from plastic. This is what you want as a substitute:

1. Acrylic ink. (Ink, not paint – this is necessary! You’ll find this at your native craft store. Or online.)

2. A cup of rubbing alcohol. (You can find this in your medicine cabinet.)
3. A spray bottle. (The dollar store is your buddy.)

Among the inks include a dropper inside the top. I used two manufacturers: FW and Speedball. The FW had a dropper, the opposite did not. The dropper does make it simpler to use, and you might want to choose up some disposable pipettes if you don’t have the dropper. In any other case, simply rely in your best guesstimation. If you have a dropper, the really helpful ratio of ink to alcohol is 8 full squeezes of ink for every cup of alcohol. Obviously this isn’t an actual science. Just combine the ink and alcohol within the spray bottle until it appears to be the shade you want. You need to use completely different colored inks to tweak the coloration. And testing it out on lock of your wig’s hair wouldn’t be a nasty concept.

For my wig I used 3/4 cup of alcohol and about 6-7 squeezes of ink, and i ended up with leftover ink mixture. But I used to be additionally turning an aqua wig blue, so I wasn’t frightened about whole protection, and there are some spots where the previous colour remains to be seen. The amount you will want really is dependent upon how much hair it’s worthwhile to cover.

Please word. You cannot dye a wig lighter. So for example when you began with a red wig you wouldn’t be able to show it pink, and if you started with a black wig you wouldn’t be in a position to show it some other colour. The color you may quick weave hair brands have beneath can have an effect on the final coloration somewhat so for the purest colour you want to start with a white wig. Blond will also take the shade nicely, and medium colours like my blue wig on this put up may also take the colour however they will solely go darker. Always begin with a lighter wig and dye darker.

After you may have your mixture, set your wig up exterior. I used the ultra fancy methodology of putting a broomstick in a jug of water and propping the wig on the broomstick. This is not the perfect technique if it’s windy. Additionally it regarded like I had scalped a muppet and hung it up as a warning to other muppets. (Muppets must be kept of their place.) When you get your wig propped up someplace, in some way you can start spraying.

Be sure you are either someplace that overspray and runoff do not matter, or you’ve gotten one thing on the ground to catch the mess. It should make a large number. The ink got throughout my fingers, however if you wash it immediately it does not really stain. (It does not stain Hands, for clothes there might be extra of a problem. Do not put on your favorite white shirt.)

Let the wig dry. On they stated one thing like eight hours, however I did extra like 2 with no problems. Rinse the wig out with water. Let it dry once more. And brush it out. If you utilize numerous ink you might should rinse and brush more than as soon as to get the crinkliness out; but even before brushing, I was really happy with the texture and shine on mine. There was some minor stiffness before brushing, however not too much.

And there you go. A number of simple steps and you too can have a hair coloration not discovered anyplace in nature.

ETA: I have been getting a whole lot of questions in the comments, so let me just stress a couple issues.
1) You cannot DYE A WIG LIGHTER WITH THIS Methodology. You may solely dye a darker coloration than what you’re beginning with.

2) RIT dye does not work better than acrylic ink. There’s some information about it in the comments where I tested it out. And granted the quality of the wig I used was horrible, nevertheless it did not hold the shade as properly in any respect. Simply so you understand.

3) This isn’t an actual technique. This is all primarily based on guesstimation. If you wish to play around with the mixture or you wish to try something apart from a spray bottle that’s advantageous. Just attempt to test it out on a little little bit of the wig first if you possibly can. That is your best way to figure out how it’s going to work.

4) I am not AN Skilled! I actually can’t inform you which colors you need to use to get a specific effect, and that i’ve by no means tried to do highlights or dye with two completely different colours or anything complicated like that. While I feel loads of things are Potential with this technique, I haven’t tested most of them, so it’s really going to be as much as you to quick weave hair brands play with the possibilities and use a little bit trial and error.

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I don’t mind trying to reply any questions you may have, but I am unable to offer you much more data than what’s in this submit. Your best bet to find out what’s doable and what you can do is just to experiment.

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