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October 11, 2018
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Rising Black Hair To Great Lengths

Okay, to start with, your hair grows. At the very least, normally it does. For those with relaxers, the fact that it’s a must to contact up your roots every 6-8weeks tells you one thing: your hair is growing. So why has your hair been the same size for the past 12 months (or extra) . Breakage. There’s an entire bunch of things that we (girls with coarse/kinky/nappy/kind 4a/b hair) do to our hair that prevents it from “rising” however the largest offender by leaps and bounds is..improper combing.

Tips for correct combing:
– Use a large toothed comb.

This is the comb I exploit. I might additionally advise that you use a nail file to file down any jagged seams on the comb that could potentially rip your hair.

– In case your hair is wet, put some conditioner in it to present it some slip. If the conditioner does not soften your hair, make is slippery and simple for the comb to glide by means of then it is best to in all probability change your conditioner. Most drug store manufacturers will work nicely although.

Comb your hair while it is thoroughly saturated with conditioner.
In case your hair is dry, half your hair in sections and comb beginning from the tips and dealing all the way down to the roots detangling gently as you’re employed your manner down.

I usually see girls rake combs and brushes through their hair, remove the broken strands caught in the bristles and toss it with such indifference. Well, lets do the math, if you happen to break 20 strands of hair (and I am being conservative) each time you comb your hair and you comb your hair three occasions a day, reviews for hair dryers what number of strands will you lose in one month, 6months, 1 yr. All of it counts. I challenge you to do that: examine your comb everytime you comb your hair and ensure that there are no damaged strands.

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