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September 26, 2018
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Different Lady Kawaii World

At the moment I needed to show you my newest wig. Know am an entire wig snob. huhuh. Okay perhaps snob shouldn’t be the word. Am very picky in relation to wigs. I usually buy from the lockshop but due to the lack of shorter styles , I haven’t bought from them in some time, I like my mid-length and shorter wigs. They are much simpler to look after!

Virgin Brazilian Hair Loose Wave 4x4 Three Part Lace Top Closures 8-20 Inch Natural BlackSo I happen to be surfing on ebay after i noticed a couple of wigs, after i looked at the price , I assumed nicely if the wig is so unhealthy at the very least it only £6. Proper know I cant afford any Model wigs with my debt of buying my camera and shopping for the equipment every month. So I believed . I might chance it. I picked this wig right here.

I favored its shade and length. I didnt have excessive hopes as taking a look at the opposite items they regarded like cheep cosplay objects so I questioned it it was going to be successful or miss.Well fortunate for me mine was successful. The wig is actually to not bad. Its super mild and that will probably be as a result of weave’s of hair being super spaced apart , Its is adjustable for measurement. It came with a wig cap which is tremendous helpful . The fibers are tender but I’ve had softer than this. (see so fussy about wigs haha!) It do have the pores and skin top scalp bit at the crown of the wig too.

The bangs/ fringe are lengthy but not overly long that you must trim it. I swept mine to the aspect. The colour is very near the picture and really pure. ( my digicam picked up hotter tones ~eeek) So here is a worn image.

I like this wig for what I paid for its a bargain, I have no idea how long it should last or if its a great wig as I have only worn it for a day and a half. The best thing about this colour is its very close to the shade my daughter is naturally and she loves it when mummy appears like her haha She might be so cute. The colour of this wig is very pure and works properly with my pores and skin tones. I’m a pure Jet black and slightly search hair style olive in complexion so I can get away with most shades. Am not sure what I’ll find yourself doing with this wig if – I would use it for causal wear and days out and about with the toddler. I have ordered 2 extra wigs from the identical vendor. So I’ll be able to see if this is a case of successful or miss from this place too. heh. I will let you understand how they go – one will likely be an alternative wig to wear when am being a maid at Marshmallow Dream Maids.
So the other thing I wished to point out you right now is my cheeky and funky bag its like a 3D impact bag, cartoon type. Its so funky and Kawaii! From the photo it appears so big right Don’t BE FOOLED! I used to be totally aware it was a small and flat bag! Its got a tiny inside I can solely slot in my purse, phone, Keys and Babywipes..sure the sensible Kawaii mummy puts baby wipes in each bag! You find yourself using wipes for all the pieces as a mummy haha! I is likely to be ready to put a spare Pull up nappy in there however I wouldn’t be using this bag as I produce other ”Kawaii Mummy baggage” to use lol!
The prices of these baggage vary a bit on ebay and they have a number of to select from. I like the over all quirky-ness of the bag and its something I will use if am nipping into town or the local retailers on my own or such. Plus is just so kawaii! Though Chibi bean has been eyeing it up – its only a matter of time of her claiming it as her own.
Hope you all enjoyed my submit immediately!

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