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August 10, 2018
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But Does It Work

Not to sound like an Avon lady muscling in via your entrance door and open my box of tricks to inform you how I’ve the next massive magnificence thing to tell you about..however I have the subsequent massive beauty factor to tell you about. And it quite possibly might involve blood magik due to how effectively it works, however we’ll just glide short easy to do hairstyles right past that for now.

100g Straight Brazilian Remy Hair #2 Darkest BrownIf you’re the kind of individual that likes to chop corners of their magnificence routine — especially when it comes to taming your hair — then you are going to adore PowerDry.ME blow drying spray. A hair mist that is supposed to chop your hair drying time by a whopping 50 %, it might be a total godsend when it comes to helping you get ready faster within the morning. However does it work Normally when you hear stats like that, you assume they have been fudged a bit of to get you to try the product. However I am (really, really) pleased to report that the claims are true.

PowerDry.ME is a microemulsion (a sort of water-oil film) that creates a coat of lubrication round your hair strands that helps the water bead and roll proper off your hair as an alternative of soaking into it. Primarily, it waterproofs your locks. As for the water that already soaked in short easy to do hairstyles (since it really works greatest on damp hair), it helps remove that water sooner and easier.

Not only does it promise to chop your drying time in half, it additionally acts as a heat protector out of your styling tools, and promises to smooth down frizz and condition, making it a four-in-one workhorse product.

PowerDry.ME, $19, Design Me Hair
Contemplating how there are lots of of 1000’s of different hair textures, lengths, thicknesses, and desires, this product might not work on everybody. But if you happen to pop over to Amazon, you will note that plenty of people are converted believers and will not ever use another product once more. All of it relies upon on your specific hair situation.

To give you an thought of my scenario, I’ve medium-thick, wavy hair that nearly reaches my waist. It’s also frizz prone and damaged at the ends where my bleached ombre is rising out, which implies my ends dry a lot quicker than my roots since they’re brittle. Once i blow dry my damp hair that is been sitting in a towel for 10 minutes, it normally takes me about five minutes to get it dry. Utilizing the spray, it took me two minutes and 25 seconds. Reward be, all my lazy slob desires are coming true.

Curious to see how it might work on wet hair straight out of the shower, I caught my head beneath the faucet and rung it frontal out. Blasting the spray into wet (but not pooling) hair, I put the stopwatch on to time how rapidly I would get dry strands again. This time it took three minutes and 50 seconds, but for rib-cage-skimming hair that’s totally wet, that’s s miracle.

The product also is a superb heat protectant spray. It also feels like it has a smoothing serum if you touch it, however my hair didn’t appear to be a Pantene Pro-V commercial. It takes loads of different shining serum products and sprays to present my hair a wholesome glisten. In the above video, seems this spray alone gave the tester that immaculate shine. However not in my experience. It was nonetheless frizzy on high and had an “air dried” quantity of shine, aka my hair simply seemed regular. However for me that’s okay due to damaged hair. I should be lifelike.

So backside line If you happen to need a spray that can protect your hair from the recent blast of a hair dryer and minimize your drying time all the way down to nearly half, try this product out. It prices about the same as a professional hairspray, so it’s worth check driving to see if it’ll work by yourself hair texture.

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