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October 15, 2018
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HAIR EXTENSIONS..The nice & The Bad.

HAIR EXTENSIONS..The great & The Dangerous.
Hair Extensions..a topic I’ve needed to put in writing about for a long time! I’ll waffle on for five minutes now about my hair history, I promise it’s relevant!
In sleek hair 2009, I reduce my nearly waist-length hair off into a bob, and month later, went for a pixie minimize with a fringe, (basically the same model as Frankie Sandford’s was.) I beloved it, I could not imagine I might waited so long to chop it off, I discovered like I’d finally discovered the style I used to be meant to have! I stored it short up until May last yr. I did a ton of hair shows, and decided that after having it minimize into types I did not choose (all of which have been amazing I must add, and fabulous colours!) I might most likely be more versatile if I grew it out a bit.
So, from June to September, I left it, so it simply regarded a bit messy. By December, I could tie it into a tiny little ponytail! (Top Tip, in case your hair doesn’t grow as fast as you would like, undoubtedly invest in Lee Staffords Hair Progress Shampoo and Conditioner..You may thank me later! ;]) In January I went to the Caribbean for my 21st birthday present with my boyfriend Rob, so from February I used to be back to normality and wanted to significantly sort out my hair, as a result of ‘mullet’ isn’t a good enough description for what my poor hair looked like!
I determined that I definitely needed extensions, to get me by way of the worst of the rising out process, and settled on a model referred to as Easilocks. I wish to point out now that this is just my opinion and I am expressing my experience with them. In case you resolve to not learn on, I will say it now, please Do not get them! It’s been my largest waste of money, and precipitated me so much stress! A pal of mine is qualified to fit Easilocks, Nice Lengths, and some others I feel, however she was very excited about EL’s as they’re a really tiny version of Microloops, and had been reusable for about three occasions. You’ll be able to leave them in for 3 months at a time before you should have them redone, so I was looking at about 9 months of put on. Good! Or so I thought..
This is some photos of me before, and once they had been in for the first time:

So, 3 months later, it was positively time to have them redone. My fantastic good friend spent about 5 hours, painstakingly eradicating every one, and changing it. However, it was made longer by the truth that when you had used the part of hair, it did not match into a new they hair had to be trimmed to fit back in. We each agreed that for the amount I had paid for the hair (£360 smacaroons) there needs to be a better method. Nevertheless, they all went again in, and i left, very happy with the outcomes. This, though, is when the nightmare really started!
4 days later, I scratched my head, near a lock. And out got here a whole piece of hair. I frivolously tugged on the bit next to it, and it came out easier than plucking a grape off of its stalk! I assumed it was bit odd, because for the entire three months beforehand, not a single one had fallen out (till the twelfth week, but that was expected.) A week after, 20 strands have been out.
2 weeks after, and over 60 had been gone. There have been now less on my head than I had in my hand! I was devastated, I looked ridiculous, I’d paid a lot money to have them all fall out, and I couldn’t see what to do next!

I rang my friend immediately, and she was mortified. I 100% don’t blame her, she spent so long attempting to ensure that each strand was the proper form to suit back in to be reused, however the very fact of the matter, is that the hair shouldn’t be reusable. She has tried to contact them, however nobody will give her the time of day. Completely appalling. She is going to now not be utilizing the Easilocks method!

This all happened at the top of April. I did not want to spend out on clip ins, as I already have some, however I wanted something somewhat simpler to contend with, so bought a half wig. I Find it irresistible! So easy to shortly change your look for those who fancy it! Mine is fabricated from artificial hair, and i bought some fibre conditioning spray to keep it looking good! I now save it for sure jobs, or if I simply fancy wearing it 😉

It appears to be like so real, even one in all my closest buddies did not realise it wasn’t my own hair!
But clearly, I actually wanted to kind out my actual hair. Since I last noticed her, my pal had taken the time to make her own bonds using a method from Nice Lengths and my Easilocks hair. This took her HOURS, but she was so cross with what had occurred, she spent a great deal of time to fix the issue. Great Lengths works through the use of ultrasound expertise, nearly no heat, and the bonds are flat and clear. I’m SO proud of them!
Here’s the before and after..

One very glad customer!
Do any of you’ve gotten any hair horror stories What’s your opinion on hair extensions My experience has definitely been a learning curve. Should you select a good brand, they’re so nice to change up a mode, add some length, some quantity. With mine, I can dye them too, which is handy!
Do you guys desire clip-ins, or do you suppose permanent ones are higher Let me know!

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