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June 12, 2018
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Are You A Light Spring

Go to: Spring > Light Spring Most important Page > Are You A Gentle / Tinted Spring
Are you a mild / tinted spring This page explains the most typical traits of a mild spring and will help you identify if you’re a gentle spring. Already know you’re a mild spring Then visit your Light / Tinted Spring essential web page to get your light spring color palette, color fan, and magnificence guides.

20pcs 50g Straight Tape In Hair Extensions #27 Strawberry BlondeUnsure what season you might be Take the net seasonal colour analysis quiz <= Click here to take the quiz.

When in doubt, sign up for my personal seasonal colour analysis… I’m glad to assist!
Gentle Spring Seasonal Shade Analysis: Warm, Mild Skin and Low Contrast

When you have mild skin and low distinction between your hair, skin and eyes… you’re a Gentle Spring. Your general coloring is Light.

When you’ve got blonde hair with brown eyes, you aren’t a Gentle Spring. You’re likely a Soft Autumn. Click here =>To see a seasonal coloration evaluation all the Warm Seasons to see which season you fit best in.

When you’ve got cool blue eyes with softest hair no gold, you’re likely NOT a Mild Spring. You is perhaps a Mild Summer.

Mild Spring Hair: Golden Blond, Mild Brown with golden highlights
Mild Spring Eyes: Mild green, gentle blue-inexperienced, mild blue with gold flecks, gentle warm hazel

I’ve offered a number of Gentle Spring Celebrities under, so that you could see what a Light Spring is… they’re all very mild. All of them look the same don’t they Should you look like these photos… you’ve found your season! If not… Take the net seasonal color analysis quiz <= Click here.

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