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    October 4, 2018
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    Suggestions & Methods – Synthetic Wig Care Query

    I use a synthetic wig for my Mara Jade costume. It’s minimize in layers, the longest of which comes all the way down to approximately 5-6 inches below my shoulders.

    I’ve worn it enough occasions now that it positively needs to be washed. coloring I have worn it for 2 out of doors occasions previously few weeks where it was excessively rained on, and it has a slight bonfire scent from a latest sensationnel bump wig fab fringe uk celebration. I sprayed some Febreze on it and that took many of the fireplace scent out, however when the strands fall into my face I can nonetheless barely odor it. The wig can be starting to get that dull look that normal human hair will get when dirty. The ends are starting to get matted and easily tangled as properly.

    I did some research on-line to search out out tips on how to properly wash it and obtained some conflicting data. All of the websites stated to use a sink of lukewarm to cold water. As for shampoo, I noticed a number of different opinions including a mild human hair shampoo/conditioner, particular wig shampoo, and Woolite. Most sites really useful using a go away-in conditioner as effectively, but once more, some sites stated to make use of special wig conditioner and a few said a human hair spray-in conditioner would work effectively.

    Grade 10A Virgin Brazilian Hair Deep Curly Hair 3 Bundles With 1pcs Middle Part Lace Closure Natural Black 350gDoes anyone have first-hand expertise with this I have an event on Saturday that I need my wig for and hope to have it washed by then.