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October 11, 2018
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Monique Wigs Review, Pics, And Ordering Data

Type: Literally dozens, if not tons of, of wigs in various sizes, styles and colors.
For an excellent color chart, I found this one right here: information_id=5&language=en&osCsid=7739f8bda7a2b93bf0b9a35225826e54

It’s pretty accurate to the colours I’ve in real life. Notice that not all wigs are available in all colours.

Measurement Vary: tiny/style doll to larger baby dolls.
Communication: For this current order, I give them a 1/5. I’ll explain under in the overview.

Quality: This time 3/5 (Usually no less than 4/5)
Ease of Fee: High-quality, used credit card.

5-6 Pretty Woman in blonde
You’ll be able to see the back is minimize strangely, and doesn’t mix together proper.
My bigger wig in this dimension does not have this situation.

Read on!

Monique wigs was my go-to for wigs. They’ve nice natural types in a wide range of sizes and a variety of mostly pure colours (not much in the way of mushy pastel fantasy colours at all). The fibers had been at all times tender and easy to fashion. My Monique wigs were never shiny, even though others appear to have this situation every now and then with some kinds and fibers.

Gold Assortment wigs are marketed specifically for BJD and are usually greater quality than the common line, though these will match bjds as nicely. The images on the location are less than flattering, so I suggest browsing flickr or DoA for consumer pictures and correct look at them and the shade choices.

I currently own four wigs purchased straight from Monique and one purchased from jPop dolls lengthy before the recast fiasco. My three oldest wigs, a fairly Woman in Carrot, Ginger in a golden blonde mix, and jrock in close to black, are still fairly lovely. They’re still gentle, still wholesome looking. The curl has basically gone out of my Ginger wig, however that would be simple enough to restyle. 7-8s fit minifee nicely (6-7 could in all probability work nice if you want a tighter match and smaller bangs).

So they had been my first thought when attempting to find a delicate, extra long pukifee wig that wasn’t crazy mohair curly.

I didn’t hear something from Monique for over two weeks after I placed my order. I couldn’t navigate the positioning or discover a method to contact them in any respect. Ultimately, I received a telephone name asking me to call and correct the address. There had been a typo (whether or not my mistake or theirs doesn’t really matter; I used to be just glad they referred to as!)..and that is the place the communication went bust. They never returned my calls, by no means emailed me to confirm the change, to let me know they’d gotten my corrections, or to even let me know it’d shipped. I remember no shipping notifications certainly one of the other times I ordered, so that did not trouble me. It was the lack of affirmation regarding the address error that concerned me.

Their type (located right here in case you’re questioning) saved bouncing again error messages so I had no thought in the event that they’d even received any.

Finally, a bit of over a month to the day from ordering, I was prepared to file a chargeback on my bank card since I’d obtained and heard nothing. I acquired an e-mail close to this time, letting me know they’d shipped it and can be sending it according to the address I might put in on the contact type one of many occasions I tried to submit it. I by no means received monitoring, and I can not remember if this is commonplace for them, although I think it’s.

So! The communication and shipping instances were kinda meh.
The quality of this recent order was not on par with my earlier orders. I ordered a fairly Girl wig in a mushy blonde colour in measurement 5-6. The fibers had been cut oddly, some shorter than others, leading to lots of flyaways. Granted, this wig is lots tinier than the msd version I’ve. I feel the tiny measurement does not work perfectly for this type, ensuing in the fuzzies. It is also shinier than my different wigs from them. I am not sure if maybe my expertise and frustration with them soured me to the wig or what. It is still a really cute wig, long, thick. The color is pretty too.

I can say, I would order direct again, but if I have related issues my opinion could change. Sellers don’t usually seem to have all of the types or colors available, and i really need this carrot wig in SD size. XD I might additionally consider ordering from a vendor like Denver Doll. The wigs are still fairly nice and the match is sweet as well.

If selecting to order:
– Check for person pics before judging a wig as ugly or in poor health-fitting.
– Verify for consumer pics to get a good idea of colour selections, as it’s laborious to search out the Monique color chart.
– Be sure you check coloration options in the scale you need so you aren’t upset.
– Word that not all wigs are product of the delicate, high quality mohair. Typically this is pretty obvious, other instances it would not look too bad on bjds.
– If ordering direct, put together for a longish wait time and little communication.
– They do not keep information of your purchases on any type of account system, so you have no approach to trace the status of your order.
– Watch your paypal or credit card cost again time limits.

Different wigs I’ve bought up to now:
(lacking a good, clear image of the black Jrock. Will update when I have time to take one. Pardon these previous, crappy pics. They have been a few of the first doll pics I ever took. XD)

Legit minifee Chloe in a 7-8 Fairly Lady Carrot wig
The lower is gorgeous, the fibers soft. This remains one in all my favorite wigs.
The frizzies are easy to tame; as a beginner photographer I didn’t do this though. XD
This is purported to be the identical type and minimize as the wig I just bought for my Lati.

Legit mnf Chloe in a 7-8 Jpop Dolls Kanawild, unsure of the the best hair oil for hair regrowth coloration. The fibers are
course and stiff, and don’t feel gentle or pure in any respect. The color
is gorgeous, and the style is very cute.

Same legit Chloe within the Ginger style wig, in some combination of blonde. Can’t remember the precise colors.


Craptastic photo of the Jrock wig in Natural Black/near black.
It’s a very blue black wig, quite pretty in real life. Fibers are smooth and fairly.
The wig itself is long and thick, and the bangs are so full that is one rare
time I might truly desire a 6-7 for minifees. Discover the shine.

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