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Tips on how to Dye Your Black Weave

September 25, 2018

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How you can Dye Your Black Weave
1.In order to protect the floor, you can lay a trash bag onto your table. And then you can reduce a bit of foil which is bigger than your hair weave. Then put it onto the trash bag.
2.It’s good to put on a pair of gloves to guard your arms.

  1. You should combine your hair dye together in accordance with the instructions which are on the packaging. Then pour a small amount of the dye into the bowl which is made from plastic.
  2. It’s good to dip the dye brush into the hair dye in an effort to do away with any additional dye onto the facet of bowl .
  3. Put the hair weave on the tin foil. Then it is best to brush the hair dye onto the weave. You’d higher start from the highest and transfer down to the bottom. You can do it as many instances as you like with a view to make ensure the weave is covered in an even amount of dye.
  4. Paint by the weave by utilizing a comb which is with huge-tooth. And you should make the? dye keep within the hair to develop for loads of time, which is specified on the packaging.
  5. It is best to wash away the hair dye by utilizing a shampoo which is gentle. Then you might want to condition and style the weave as you’re used to doing. It is essential to make the weave? utterly dry earlier than you put on it.

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