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November 9, 2018
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How A lot Of A Tomboy Are You

How Much Of A Tomboy Are You
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Are you wondering if you are a tomboy Do you think you’re a tomboy and a girly-woman at the identical time Are you questioning about that How a lot do you like pink Do you want skirts

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Do you may have any buddies which can be boys Do you wish to fight Do you ever stand like a teenage boy Do you ever consider your self as a boy If you wish to know, then take this quiz!

Created by: Angela
What is your age Under 18 Years Outdated 18 to 24 Years Previous 25 to 30 Years Old 31 to forty Years Previous 41 to 50 Years Old 51 to 60 Years Previous Over 60 Years toni braxton short hairstyle Outdated
What’s your gender Male Feminine
What kind of music do you like (I like rock blended in with some heavy steel music, and I’m a lady! I additionally like techno. I’m such a tomboy!) Rock combined in with Heavey Metallic Pop or/and Hip Hop Just Heavy Metallic Simply Hip Hop Just rock music Other
How a lot do you hate pink (I hate pink so much, I want I may ban it!) I completely, like, love pink! I hate pink so much 50/50 Different
Do you put on mostly ponytails or have your hair down (I love carrying ponytails! In fact, I’m sporting my hair in a ponytail right now! However I sometimes put on my hair down..I have lengthy I already have brief hair I mostly put on a ponytail I generally put on a ponytail I’ve long hair, and that i always keep my hair down I’m not sure Other
For the way long can you stand those pesky, perky, toni braxton short hairstyle sylish, pink-lover, trend-lover-women I can hardly stand even one second of them! I totally love them! They’re my finest pals! How dare you call me that! I do not know Other
What would you consider your self as Fashionista! Casual Total tomboy I am not sure Different
How do you are feeling about boys I am a boy! (Actually) I completely hate them They’re my finest buds! (I am a woman) I am undecided Different
What sort of clothes do you like Informal Fashianable PINK! I am not sure Both fashionable and PINK! Other
How a lot are you slouched while standing up and generally together with your head hanging At all times Sometimes By no means I don’t ever discover I do not understand this query Different
How do you feel about skirts I hate skirts so much I totally love skirts! I generally wear them I’m undecided Different
Are you a fighter (NOT CAT-FIGHTS) Yes, I love to combat No, I do not struggle I fight, however relying on the situation I’m undecided Other
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