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September 28, 2018
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A Foster Kid’s Story Of Resilience & Power

U Tip Malaysian Human Virgin Straight HairDirected by Stefani Saintonge, this episode of ‘Black Girl Magic’ follows Gio and her sister who’ve been in and out of foster care since they have been toddlers. Now residing in separate foster homes, Gio is learning the artwork of resilience whereas developing her innate sense as a creator and visionary. [MUSIC] I feel like I’ve at all times look at the world totally different because of what I’ve been by means of. [MUSIC] You ever seen Madeline No. [Giggle] Nicely, in Madeline, they’ve rows of tall beds. [MUSIC] It is like rooms of the same factor, it’s a room the place they have ten beds [MUSIC] I have been right here like three, 4 times. My sister only been here as soon as. She was only 4. I hate it there. [MUSIC] Youngsters can languish in foster care for years, oftentimes when they are infants to the time that they’re adults. After which once they flip 21, they are actually turned out to the road with a MetroCard and a few dollars. Third home that we went to, that It had to be one among our worst properties. We was barely eating, Guarantee was everything, it was life to me. I would have to steal to ensure that it to get us to eat. [MUSIC] There’s all these businesses who receives a commission to keep children in foster care. Sadly kids are being abused within the system. Being neglected within the system. Most of the kids in foster care similar to a lot of the kids in the criminal justice system appear like me. They’re youngsters of shade. I would turn up all the time. Yelling, screaming. Hitting people, simply so I could see my sister. How I am gonna know if she’s all right They prefer to separate people and I was making it known we’re not going nowhere, we’ll stay in this constructing forever [Snicker] if we should, we’re not being separated. So I had to do what I needed to do. [Clean_AUDIO] [MUSIC] My little pride and joy. I love her, I like her with all kinds of passions, the whole lot. That’s like my daughter. [Laugh] I don’t know. I simply love her. She’s like the exact opposite of me. I am like the boy and she’s legit the lady. She likes the glitter, she likes the heels, the makeup. All the things I hate is what she loves. When I used to be younger, I used to attempt to gown her up like a boy, everything. That is how I all the time costume and i’ve at all times felt snug like that. I was king, she used to be the princess. [MUSIC] She by no means use to get her hair executed, I by no means use to have my hair executed. We used to have soiled clothes. That’s how I realized how to scrub clothes, taking stuff to the laundry trial and error, we just going to strive it till it smells good, so. [Giggle] I just did not need her to undergo what I used to be going by way of. Like, I tried to make it seem like we was dwelling in as good of a predicament as potential. We do not reside collectively in the mean time, but if I see her each day, that might make me pleased. That may brighten up my day, extensions actually. [Snigger] [MUSIC] All that is unofficial [Blank_AUDIO] Yeah. [Clean_AUDIO] Daily anyone dying in these streets and it’s getting kinda hard to make ends meet. Your son is slinging medication and going in and out of jail if you just came upon your daughter’s pregnant. Hell MIA father really exhibits how much he cares particularly since he hasn’t bothered to see his youngsters in years. Sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears. I by no means bought a thank you after all these years. Feel like you reaching your breaking level or wanna run away simply top bob haircuts so you could possibly prove a point. But what’s the point Choose your head up and substitute your frown. As a result of you’ll by no means know you rose unless you hit the bottom. There’s only one you on this world. So you gotta stand up. And like Tupac mentioned you gotta keep your head up. [MUSIC] While you see issues through a digital camera, [Blank_AUDIO] You see it utterly different. [MUSIC] After seeing her by means of the digital camera, I was like, my God. One among my closest mates is so beautiful. [MUSIC] Three, two, one. [NOISE] Let’s go [UNKNOWN] Okay, so we’ve Gio. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] Expressing my imagination by means of artwork was the one actual way for me to be comfortable. [MUSIC] After the struggle We, my mom acquired reduce, I got lower on the aspect of my face. I’m goofy, fun, good vibes. There’s a certain energy that every group brings. And there’s at all times a couple of students that foster the bonding and foster the group. And I believe Gio is performing as a type of students on this group. Thanks. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] My biggest worry is dying with out being identified. [MUSIC] I need to only be a person that the block knew or an individual that this street knew or these people knew. [MUSIC] You see how when Michael Jackson died the entire world cried I need that to happen [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC] I never had nothing So. [MUSIC] I need all the pieces.

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