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September 16, 2018
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Stay Curly, Dwell Free

The most recent round of questions I’ve been getting is about a remedy known as “Liquid Keratin.” Many curly girls are asking me whether it is as secure and effective a manner of straightening at dwelling as the corporate claims it is.

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Frankly, based on what I’ve heard from others and my very own coaching as a cosmetologist, I feel Liquid Keratin is an entire lot of unhealthy news and not a complete lot of anything else. I have absolutely no qualms about sitting here and telling you I imagine there’s a bunch of misleading information in their advertising and marketing and they aren’t being trustworthy with customers about this product.

To start with, what’s Liquid Keratin
The corporate says it’s a “..revolutionary patented remedy that infuses curly, frizzy, unmanageable hair with keratin protein that it’s naturally missing in just half-hour..unlike salon remedies, Liquid Keratin Does not contain Formaldehyde or dangerous chemical components.[it] is a spray in therapy with superb results of straighter, smoother, stronger and longer hair immediately!”

From the above, which might be found on the corporate’s net site, I feel we are able to agree customers are being led to consider it is a secure option to straighten their hair utilizing only a protein infusion treatment. Sadly, their advertising is misleading for fairly a number of causes, as I’ve outlined beneath:

1) Not everybody who has curly hair has keratin protein that’s “naturally missing.” On the contrary, coarse-haired curlies manufacture an overabundance of protein “naturally” of their hair on their very own. If you set more protein–particularly with a remedy like this–on high of hair that’s already protein-heavy, you will have a dry, straw-like mess in your hands.

2) Hair is completely straightened or curled by breaking what are called the “disulfide bonds” in your hair–the bonds which are answerable for the shape of your hair strand. The marketing of this product leads consumers to imagine the keratin protein infusion is what is responsible for straightening the hair; nonetheless, it is absolutely unattainable for protein alone to break disulfide bonds to permanently straighten curly hair. That takes chemicals similar to sodium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate..or, formaldehyde.

And here is where it starts to get really attention-grabbing.
3) The company payments the product as formaldahyde-free. They actually scream it at you in caps: “Does not contain Formaldehyde or harmful chemical substances.” Nevertheless, when you look on the ulta clip in hair extensions elements on their product label, you will note one near the top known as “Biformyl.” And one other name for biformyl is oxalaldehyde, which happens to belong to the group of organic compounds referred to as aldehydes..a gaggle to which formaldehyde additionally belongs.

4) There is protein on this treatment; nonetheless, the order of the elements on the product ingredient label tells me this is simply a formaldehyde-sort straightener with a little bit protein keratin thrown in to allow them to legally name it a keratin therapy as a substitute of what it actually is..a process that is banned in lots of salons due to the chance of sickness from fume inhalation.

5) Quite just a few ladies with lightened or bleached hair who’ve really used this product reported it turned their coloration a horrible, brassy orange color, which they then wanted to have redone. One thing a pure protein remedy wouldn’t do.

So, there you’ve gotten it. This safe little at-dwelling treatment would not appear so protected unexpectedly, does it And that i have to marvel: what do we expect might probably occur if an individual with asthma or different breathing-associated well being issues is uncovered to an aldehyde with out their data

My biggest issue is that this: ulta clip in hair extensions I have a big problem with sneaky, unethical advertising. I do not like it when any product producer tries to tug the wool over the customer’s eyes just so that they can make a buck. And that i invite any representative from the Liquid Keratin firm to handle the factors above and inform us why they don’t seem to be being misleading or dishonest in their promoting of this product.

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