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October 18, 2018
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These 4 Ladies Have One Thing In Common… However You’ll By no means Guess What It is

THESE 4 ladies will never have a nasty hair day ever again – as they’ve all shunned their pure tresses in favour of WIGS.

100s 0.5g/s Body Wavy Micro Loop Hair Extensions #613 Lightest BlondeLast month we told how Fabulous columnist Stacey Solomon splashed out £1,000 on a wig called Suze to cover her damaged locks and 50 per cent gray roots.

Here our ladies reveal their personal reasons for selecting to pop on a hairpiece as a substitute of going au naturel..

Recruitment consultant Rachel Wadsworth, 28, from Sheffield, has worn a wig nearly daily throughout her twenties and even walked down the aisle in a single..

I’ve had alopecia since I was a baby, and I’m completely bald.
As a toddler my mum and pop got fearful when my hair wasn’t growing like different youngsters, and after many visits to the doctors I was lastly diagnosed with the situation.

Nobody actually is aware of what caused it. I’ve had hair grow on and off. Throughout my teens though I used to be primarily bald. I wore a cap to highschool because the obtainable wigs then have been for adults. They didn’t fit me I didn’t need to be bullied at college.

My hair grew again round 18 but it surely fell out again as I hit my twenties. I’ve tried steroids, special diets, medications and creams. When that didn’t work I turned to wigs.

I was fortunate I was with my husband when my hair started falling out. He tells me he prefers me bald. Some people are fearful what their man may think and sleep in a wig or a headscarf, but I don’t – he loves the bald look. He additionally enjoys serving to me decide my wig look every day – he prefers me pink or blonde!

I’m perpetually leaving my wigs scattered all over the house. Friends have visited typically mistaking a wig on a kitchen chair for an animal. And if I can’t discover a wig, my husband typically pipes up: “Oh yeah, the cat’s asleep on it – you left it on the sofa once more!” It’s a must to have a sense of humour. At the least he can’t complain about me clogging the shower drain with long hair.

A lot of my work mates think it’s my pure hair. My real hair wigs – the one I wore for my wedding ceremony final yr in an up-do attached to my veil, and my daily one – cost me £500. My synthetic wigs price around £100.

There are such a lot of nice new wigs available on the market. I purchase mine online, from the USA or eBay. The times when folks thought a gust of wind would see your wig fly off and you’d chase it down the highway are gone.

I wash them in a particular shampoo. You can type the true hair wigs with regular merchandise, and the synthetic ones can take very low heat on curling tongs or a blow dryer. Go too excessive and so they melt although!

My scalp doesn’t get hot or sweaty after i water wave crochet hair wear my wigs, though I like a good scratch of my head after i take them off!

I work to lift awareness for the charity Alopecia Online and help different girls come to terms with their hair loss and embrace wigs like I have.

It’s vital women know they’ve a alternative in relation to coping with hair loss, and so they shouldn’t really feel vulnerable or unable to have fashionable hair. I have nice hair and I’m bald.

While I’d like to have my very own long “home grown” locks, I believe I’d nonetheless use wigs as effectively.
Television presenter Scarlette Douglas, 31, from Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, has spent over £10,000 on wigs and hairpieces and adjustments her hairstyle day by day..

From the age of 19 I did a variety of musical theatre, so I wore wigs all the time in exhibits. I had a whole lot of weaves earlier than then, which is where hair is sewn into your hair and left in.

I remember watching a documentary when I used to be 22 the place there was this lady who wore all these completely different wigs, and I was like, “What I can’t believe they wear wigs!” Then I believed, grasp on, that might be quite a good suggestion. From then that was it. I’ve had wigs now for a minimum of eight years.

It’s awful to assume I’ve in all probability spent over £10,000 on hair and wigs. I order fairly a few from the States, and they’re often expensive. I have round 50 wigs; I’ve got two £500 ones, then I’ve received a number of £350 ones and various the cheaper synthetic ones which can be about £40. It’s positively around £5,000 however I’ve probably spent greater than that – with going to the hairdressers and getting it washed it’s simply within the tens of hundreds.

Lots of black ladies wear wigs because afro hair is so exhausting to look after. If you really do look after it you can have beautiful hair, but mine simply doesn’t do what I want it to do. I haven’t bought time to at all times go to specific black hairdressers, especially as I’m away quite a bit filming A place within the Solar.

Afro hair curls up the minute it will get sizzling or if your head sweats, it shrinks down and turns into really tight so it’s laborious to maintain that good afro look to it. So for me it’s simply simpler to plait my own hair down and stick wigs on top. It also means I can have a different image whenever I want.

I can have a brief bob, a pixie lower, or lengthy wavy hair. I very rarely have the identical hair style twice in every week; I change it up every single day if I can. Typically I’ll have two different hairstyles in a day.

With boyfriends, I am trustworthy from the get-go about wearing a wig, so it is never actually a shock after i take it off, and if I’m with somebody I’m like, “Okay, simply so you realize, that is about to happen now,” and I’ll whip it off and throw it on the bed.

I suppose because I’ve received hair anyway it’s not an enormous difficulty, no one’s ever discovered it awkward. Though once I used to be stayed at my best good friend’s home and that i left my wig on his couch – when he got here down within the morning and noticed it he thought it was a giant rat that had received in!

All the companions I’ve been with earlier than have cherished that I change my hair on a regular basis – they’re like, “I am getting a distinct girl day by day!” They get a special personality depending on the different wigs!

My most expensive £500 wig was made especially for me. It’s not really easy to get on and off – the lace a part of it around the hairline on the front is like double-sided tape, then it’s caught on using a thick hairspray and a few gel glue to stay down. It’s then sewn into my own hair beneath.

I’ll shower in it with a shower cap on and it will possibly keep on for up to two weeks – although sometimes if I’m filming the heat will dissolve the hairspray that’s sticking it down and it’ll begin to flip again a bit.

Once I take it off I give it to my hairdresser and she is going to wash it, situation it and do every little thing as if it’s normal hair.

While they often stay on fairly nicely, there was a time the place I was auditioning for a West Finish present and we were all within the dance studio and i clearly didn’t pin it sufficient. I did a fast turn and it flew off!

I don’t know how however I managed to grab it and stick it on my head – the one person that saw was my actually good good friend, so we have been in hysterics looking at one another. Fortunately I think everyone else was in their little world, but it surely was fairly embarrassing!

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Style assistant Charlotte Suggett, 29, from Brixton, London, has battled trichotillomania since she was 10 and says wearing a wig has given her renewed confidence – though it is price her around £10,000

I began pulling out my hair when my dad became in poor health. I used to be 10, and he passed away when I was 11.
I’ve never pinpointed the precise moment when it all began, but it was positively when he was poorly and it’s continued since then.

As soon as I get a barely anxious thought, my hand is up in my head. Whether or not it’s just to pick at break up ends or pull on it, I am continually touching my hair. It’s not painful. If it is an area where you’re pulling quite a bit it feels good, if something. I think that is where the issue lies – it is a very comforting feeling.

For a very long time I had a facet-parting that was mainly a combover. You study ways to cover it, like again-combing and even colouring it in.

Then I moved to London and the stresses of a new metropolis and cash worries made me pull out my hair much more. Before I had a couple of bald patches dotted round, but as things acquired worse they all just merged into one.

In late 2011 I remember watching a Tv present about two women who pull their hair. They went to see Lucinda Ellery [a women’s hair loss professional] for assist. I used to be watching in tears and that i sent the hyperlink to my household.

The next day I booked an appointment with Lucinda myself. What I take advantage of now is like a wig, however it’s truly an Intralace system.

It’s more much like a weave – I call it a glorified toupee! It is real hair, but you possibly can fashion it, heat it, just about do anything with it that you can do with your own hair.

My very own natural hair is lengthy and darkish and straight, and with my Intralace, I wear it a little bit lighter than I might usually.

I’ve used this system for around six years. It felt prefer it was my only choice. I do not know how a lot I spend on it, but it is some huge cash, at the least £2,000-3,000 a yr. I see it as worth each penny as the Intralace helps my natural hair grow again. I plan to have it on for two years, as I’m changing into more in command of my hair pulling impulses and hopefully by then I won’t want it.

If I have an especially dangerous couple of months where I pull my hair quite a bit, then the time my Intralace will must be on is prolonged and it may have repairing, and that is when it gets pricey. However it’s given me an entire new confidence.

The first time I received it, I referred to as my mum and I was like, “I’ve bought a centre parting for the primary time”.

I really like having the ability to swim and stroll in a windy street without worrying which way my parting goes. It’s simply easy things like that that have made such a difference to my life.

Mum-of-two Aleaha Leigh, 30, from Heathrow, London, has worn wigs for the last 10 years after her hair was destroyed by constant colouring and extensions..

I used to be colouring my pure hair almost weekly. I’d be blonde one minute, brunette or redhead the next. Fixed curling, straightening and blow drying additionally took its toll.

By my twentieth birthday I used to be relying on hair extensions just to make it look acceptable, but earlier than long my hair couldn’t take the burden of them and so they broke off. Then after i fell pregnant in 2007 my hair took one other battering. The hormones made it thinner and my hair was actually falling apart.

I’d worn wigs as a model when I was 18. At first I was horrified pondering they have been for blue rinse nanas, but with my hair in such a state I quickly changed my thoughts. And as a brand new mum they saved me a lot time! I can go a number of weeks with out washing my real hair and just use wigs, and that i get more time with my youngsters.

It can make for some awkward moments when dating. One poor fella I’d been seeing for two weeks bought the shock of his life. I invited him in for drinks after a night out and whipped my wig off in the lounge. I nonetheless remember his screech when he came out of the bathroom: “What the f*** what happened to the lengthy hair ”

Another time I used to be arrange on a date by a mate. He gave me a kiss at the end of the evening and as he ran his hand through my hair the wig went lopsided. You’ll have thought he’d damaged a crystal vase! We’re still mates and snicker about it to this present day.

I now work as a designer, so looking good is a should. No want wants to purchase clothes off someone with ugly hair. My wigs saved the day – they’re as essential to me because the child bag with its extra bottle and nappies.

I’ve dozens of wigs; all the pieces from customary brunette and blonde to pinks and colored ones. Most are the new sort of synthetic hair, however I’ve some human hair ones. I’ve spent about £4,000 on them, but saved thousands in hair dressing payments. I keep some at my studio, some at home, and my mates are at all times borrowing them. Even at work there have been occasions when a model’s hair did not look proper for a show and that i supplied up my wig!

Protecting them brushed and in good condition is crucial, but my youngsters have discovered they make great dressing up props, so I often spend hours brushing out knots and glue!

I are inclined to put on one for a couple of weeks after which attempt a distinct look. A few of my buddies are also wig converts and now we have wig “swap and share” events. When I am not wearing a wig I often slick back my hair right into a ponytail. It’s still skinny and lacklustre, so that is the only model which appears to be like any good.

Wigs are great and other people not see them as an indication of previous age or illness. Now they’re a vogue accessory, like the most recent handbag or heels. My wigs have prevented me from going bald – plus I get to pretend to be a Kardashian!

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