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September 15, 2018
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Live Curly, Stay Free

We now interrupt this blog for 2 small conversations that may most certainly lead to having lots of issues thrown at me..or a collective belief that I have gone over the sting and now not have the slightest concept what I am speaking about.

However as I’ve said before..I’m not nor will I ever be 100% right 100% of the time. My thoughts, posts and advice are primarily based on what I believe and observe from my professional training and my skilled profession as a hair stylist and curly hair specialist. If it works for someone, that’s great. If it would not and something else works higher, then that’s great too. However I’m largely Italian, which means I’m at all times going to open my mouth when I have one thing to say, LOL. And there have been two topics on my mind recently I feel I want to handle.

#1 – There is no Such Factor as “The Holy Grail”
Many curly women get obsessed with finding what is thought amongst us as “The Holy Grail” for their curls – that mythical, miraculous, one-of-a-kind, priceless treasure of a product that can give us impeccable, frizz-free, pink carpet curls–the sort that at all times snap again into excellent ringlets even within the worst rain, hail, humidity, sleet and hurricane-force winds recognized to mankind.

The great Lord is aware of, I used to be on an HG quest myself for eons and there are occasions I still find myself falling into that entice. Even after i discover a product combination that makes me look great 99% of the time, I will catch myself pondering: certain, my curls look nice..but what if I stop wanting now and that one nice product–that one single elixir of magical fairy tales–is simply over the hill And what if I by no means find it as a result of I used to be pleased with “second greatest” and i stopped looking too soon It was sufficient to drive any curly girl to drink.

It was with a mixture of relief and sadness that I lastly got here to the conclusion–after doing lots of and hundreds of curly heads, and learning reams of data on hair type and product ingredients–that, despite our best hopes and wishes, that legendary “Holy Grail”

just. doesn’t. exist.
Yes, there are merchandise which can be nice for our hair and will work wonders the overwhelming majority of the time, sometimes even 99% of the time. There are products with components that love our specific hair kind–our texture, our porosity, our elasticity–and will make our curls look the best possible they can presumably be.

For a time.
But ..

Hair kind adjustments over time. Texture adjustments, porosity adjustments, elasticity changes. Weather adjustments. The chemical composition of your water adjustments. Hormones change. Medical conditions change. If there is one thing we are able to count on in the crazy world of curly hair, it is change. And that means no product is going to work 100% the very best 100% of the time.

The identical product would possibly work nearly as nice, however from the underside of my coronary heart I don’t and won’t ever imagine one single product can unfailingly provide you with what I call “pink carpet curls”..the proper, rockin’ kind of curls that make any Hollywood A-lister flip around and assume jealously, “I would like HER hair.” Until you live in an atmosphere and in a body where absolutely nothing changes, the Holy Grail will have to stay the myth it’s.

By the way, that’s why it is all the more important to grasp your hair sort and your setting and, subsequently, what product ingredients work one of the best in your specific state of affairs. There might not be a single Holy Grail..but that doesn’t mean there cannot be a foundational core of products that act in tandem with one another to weave number color chart give you pink carpet curls on a regular basis.

#2 – There isn’t any Such Thing as “Ethnic Hair”
Didn’t see that one coming, did you
I get plenty of questions on whether or not I know how one can handle “ethnic hair” or in regards to the special needs of ethnic hair. And I’m right here to inform you there isn’t any such thing. Hair is hair is hair. Period.

Your hair is fine, medium or coarse. Your hair is porous, overly porous, or has low porosity. Your hair has normal elasticity or low elasticity. Your hair is thin, medium or thick. It does not matter what your ethnic background is. High quality, porous, elastic, thick hair is fine, porous, elastic, thick hair whether it is on an African-American lady, a Caucasian woman, a local American woman, an Asian lady, a Latina get the image.

Now, you might have a genetic predisposition to have a sure type of hair based upon your ethnic background. African-American women usually have a lot finer hair and a much tighter wave sample than women from other ethnic backgrounds. Asian and Native American girls may be so coarse and stick-straight, reducing their hair is a huge problem as a result of each slice of the shears can go away a seen mark. However there isn’t a assure your hair will observe a sure pattern just because you belong to a specific ethnic group. I have African-American clients with free waves and medium texture; I have white shoppers with coarse hair and very tight coils. And that is simply the way in which it is.

That is to not say we shouldn’t take pleasure in ourselves and the place we come from, or not seek recommendation from others who share the same tradition as we do! But by realizing that “ethnic hair” really would not exist and knowing that our particular hair kind is the important thing to taking one of the best care we are able to of our curls..we’ll all the time have these red carpet ringlets, no matter what our ethnic backgrounds.

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