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October 1, 2018
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How To Wear A Wig (And Seem like A Model Doing It)

As lolitas, especially the women who’re sweet lolitas, we’ve amassed a fairly giant collective group of wigs prior to now few years as they rose to recognition (What is the collective known for wigs Perhaps a tangle of wigs ) Whether you’re in love with sweet colours, unique blends, fades, and splits, or simply gentle pure tones, there’s nothing like a wig to immediately rework your look. Girls sick of long hair can have bobs to avoid the big chop; ladies with cute pixie cuts can play Rapunzel for the day. I myself own loads of wigs – lengthy, brunette, lilac, curly, wavy, brief, you name it. In lolita, wearing wigs is frequent, among some groups thought of nearly needed, if you’re in search of a place to pin your whole hairclips, bows, and kitschy 80s toys. However how do you’re taking the wig – usually related to costumes – from the meetup and runway to the classroom or workplace

Some days once i get ready in the morning, my hair is throwing a protest. Won’t be straight, or curly, or sit flat. Slightly than fight it, I merely tame it below a wig for the day, able to negotiate with terrorist hair (and conditioner) later that night. However how do you wear a wig for college or work Won’t it be… like, bizarre

Not so! There are plenty of how to make your easy wig look like the best head of hair on the block.

After you could have the wig cap on, put on the wig, front to again. Pull the wig down so that the sting of the wig’s ribbing, for lack of a greater phrase, is where you real hairline is. If you’re involved the wig could slip, there are usually a pair of elastics that hook collectively, kind of like on a bra. I normally clip these together for additional security, though they are often uncomfortably tight, so use at your individual discretion.

If you’re wearing a wig with bangs, get your self some scissors (I exploit nail scissors to trim a wig and my real bangs) and begin trimming the bangs till they fit your face. I go away mine about eyebrow degree, helpful in case your eyebrows are nowhere close to the wig’s colour. The entrance of the wig’s base ought to be at the identical level as your hairline, and the bangs trimmed to fit that place. Even if you’re planning to sweep the bangs to the aspect, you gotta trim ’em. Belief me. I went to a meetup once with out the bangs trimmed and regarded like a doof; want I knew then what I do know now…

If you want to wear this wig often for each day use and don’t trust yourself not to be Edward Scissorhands, get yourself to a salon and ask the stylist to trim it finest to suit you. Wigs, layers, the entire 9 yards. This can make a huge distinction in the best way your wig appears to be like.

Step III: Complimenting Your Wig
Keep in thoughts that you may wear an unnaturally colored wig ‘naturally’ by complimenting it effectively with the remainder of your look. A bright pink wig (styled and accessorized) can look very darling with a extra easy coordinate (lolita or not). A simple blonde bob however might admire a more outrageous hair accessory or some dramatic eyeliner. Like all coordinate, try to keep your look in steadiness – perhaps just one or two focal points. Your wig can definitely by a ‘focal point’!

Step IV: Aftercare on your Wig
Don’t Wish to Wig Out

If you’d like some of the convenience and great look you get by means of a wig however don’t want to put on the entire deal, there are plenty of options for you! I’m fascinated with half wigs, extensions and items right now. Japanese and Korean corporations make loads of hairpieces as wig options, however they’re finest in case your hair is natural and a fairly widespread coloration. If you’re a really gentle blonde, you might do better taking a look at American hairpieces. Among the pieces which might be popular embrace half-wigs (worn just behind your bangs), clip-in bangs, clip-in ponytails/pigtails (additionally referred to as phony ponies) and faux updos and buns.

Here’s a primary collection of illustrations from wig company Prisila that explain:
Does it Move the Natural Test

Here’s the test. Grab a friend or household member, with out telling them you’ve determined to don a wig, and ask in the event that they like your new ‘do. Do they think you really went to the salon People at school often comment ‘oh, you changed your hair!’ and that i merely smile and say, ‘For at present.’ You don’t have to tell everybody it’s a wig, however don’t be ashamed or secretive about it either. You’re simply style-ahead in spite of everything!

Here are a few of my favorite wig shops! I’ve worn many of those companies’ wigs each with a editorial lolita type and for an informal faculty or work applicable lolita type.

Cyperous – full and half wigs *ships overseas*
Prisila – bangs, half wigs, rope wigs (principally an extended boa of curly hair), scrunchies, volumizers…
Gabalnara – full, half wigs; extensions, scrunchies, bun covers, bangs
Fairly and Cute – a restricted collection of wigs and extensions, however low-cost and heat-pleasant; I simply ordered a scrunchie bun from them for $5! *ships overseas*
Yumetenbo – sometimes just a few restricted types of gyaru stretchy wigs or bun covers *ships overseas*
MintyMix – A private favourite for unnaturally colored wigs; my pink and lavender fade wig is wonderful high quality, and so ‘natural’ in style if not shade that it passed which hairstyle suit on my face the pure check at college! *ships overseas*
Cosplay which hairstyle suit on my face Wigs USA – Sometimes lolita wigs; very full bases. I wore my light brown wig to highschool final week with great results. *ships overseas*

Don’t be afraid to try one thing out, to face apart, and show off your style! Carry on being fashionable!

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