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July 13, 2018
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It is presumed that synthetic wigs cannot be dyed; thankfully this is only a delusion. All type of artificial hair wigs could be dyed, though dying wigs made from synthetic fibers requires follow, patience & expertise.

Important Issues to note When Dying Synthetic Wigs
– Synthetic wigs are made from coloured plastic fibers. Alternatively, wigs made from natural hair are porous, that take shade dyes more simply than synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs should not be dyed using strange hair dyes, instead use acrylic paints or acrylic inks.
– Acrylic paints want enormous care & apply because it often leads to clumping that make wigs look very synthetic. Acrylic inks though should not accessible in as wide selection of colours as are paints, these are one of the best dyes to dye synthetic wigs, as they offer you full management over your wig by way of colour handling.
– A wig must be left for complete air drying. In case your wig is thick and long you might want to offer your wig duration of 2-3 days to let it dry.
– Do not dye your synthetic women with curly hair wigs using dyes that include bleach. Bleaching plastic fibers of wigs may make them crinkly and misshaped. It is advised to chop a wisp out of your hair wig & check the dye swatch over it.
Some synthetic wigs are good at holding the shade while others don’t. It’s noticed that synthetic wigs regardless of their quality fade colour more quickly than pure hair wigs even for those who wash them much less often.

Pink Notes about Dying Synthetic Wigs
1. All the time REMEMBER, that synthetic wigs can solely be dyed darker. Therefore, start your “dying venture” with a mild coloured wig. To start with, some nice shades are blond, gray, and WHITE. The precept of dying synthetic wigs is “Either cover the mum or dad colour or create a new one with it”. As an illustration you possibly can dye a blond wig pink or a yellow wig green by dyeing the latter blue; however a red wig can’t be made pink or yellow.
2. Acrylic inks don’t dissolve in water. Try utilizing alcohol to dye synthetic wigs. Pure dyes should strictly be prevented as they turn wigs reddish although this may be prevented utilizing dye additives. Extraordinary hair dyes additionally behave in another way on synthetic wigs as they always find yourself making your wigs a shade or two darker than you might have expected.
3. Before starting to dye your synthetic hair wigs, WASH them off fully. Rinsing them is obligatory to get rid of any styling products and oils women with curly hair that might forestall effective dying of your wig.

Synthetic wigs are resilient to its shape, so it doesn’t matter what how you deal with them they may get again to their manufacturing facility-made model and form. Although our synthetic wigs could be quickly curled if they’re straight or vice-versa, these wigs keep memory of the fashion they had been manufactured with, so it’s pure of them to revert back to their unique shape.

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