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October 6, 2018
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Hey loves, I am back with a submit on stretching your relaxers. Stretching your relaxer merely means increasing the time between once you get your touch ups executed. So let’s say you get your hair relaxed/texlaxed each 8 weeks, you may stretch to about 9 or 10 weeks earlier than getting your relaxer carried tip out. This implies you do not loosen up/texlax your hair too typically. Everyone knows that relaxers are a chemical subsequently the longer you may go without having to make use of them, the higher for your hair. Nevertheless there is a vital young black women hairstyles caveat to this rule and that’s you don’t have to stretch to the point the place it becomes unhealthy to your hair as the primary cause for stretching is to enhance the health of your hair. Subsequently if you begin to note excessive hair breakage, shedding, matting, it just could be time for you to get your hair relaxed/texlaxed. This doesn’t imply that any slight issues you have together with your hair you will run to a relaxer. Slightly you possibly can strive protein treatments, the baggy method, black tea rinses or every other remedy to kind out the issue. Also I advise that you wait at the least 8 weeks earlier than getting a new relaxer (that’s the very earliest time period I can suggest). I’m making an attempt out stretching solely to between 11-13 weeks (primarily 12 weeks) no later because I’ve come to realise my hair does not benefit from longer stretches, say 16-20 weeks. There are quite a lot of ladies who can undertake longer stretches such as 20 weeks and above and this works for them. In the end it is all about understanding your hair and figuring out what works for you, if you may solely stretch to eight weeks that is okay as effectively.

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