11 Gorgeous Overnight Hairstyles

Mornings are for snoozing the alarm clock and getting 10 more minutes of sleep before really starting the day. So who has time for hairstyles, other than a lazy ponytail or sock bun? You do. How’s that? You just need to plan ahead. You know the way you’re always playing together with your hair while watching Netflix? Put that to some good use. Sleep on it, and wake up to a ready-to-go hairstyle!

11 Gorgeous Overnight Hairstyles

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1. The way to get up with natural curls by Women’s Health. The trick to waking up with the very best version of your curly hair lies in a silk scarf.

2. On a roll by Refinery29. How did grandma get curly hair without a hot iron? Using paper pieces.

3. Keeping your waves overnight by The Beauty Department. If you’re not ready to let go off those beautiful waves, try the clay clip trick!

4. Awesome hair overnight by Fox in Flats. Are you able to believe this starts out with a ponytail and some hair rollers? And a very good night’s sleep.

5. Curl your hair without heat by Aunie Suace. Another solution to get lovely curls within the morning is to do the “friar tuckat night.

6. Methods to get up with great hair by Hair Romance. Keep the amount and shape of your hair overnight by twisting it in a top knot.

7. How one can get up with beach curls by The Cut. If you retain dreaming that you simply were on the beachyou might as well wake as much as beach waves.

8. Three twisted buns by Brit + Co. Put your wet hair up in small buns and either blow dry or sleep on it to get cute curls.

9. No heat beach waves tutorial by Song of Style. Give your hair a break and wave it by simply twirling it overnight.

10. Glamorous waves by Xo Vain. You can get pretty waves even on a pixie cut, by using rags in your hair overnight.

11. Style your hair with a sock by Feminiya. Go to bed with a sock bun, wake up with glamorous waves in your hair.

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