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The best way to Make Clay Hair For A Clay Head

When sculpting figurines from clay, you have the choice of gluing on hair after the figurines have been fired or creating hair from the clay earlier than firing the piece. While you make clay hair, you may create a extra consistent look and decide the colour, texture and hairstyle that best suits your character. Sculpting hair is fun and simple to do, even when you’re a novice potter. There are many ways to style hair from clay and also you even get tools designed for this purpose. The next directions are for one of the most fundamental strategies.

Issues You may Need
Rolling pin
Resolve on a hair shade and hairstyle for your clay figurine. Deciding beforehand will assist with planning. Take the tip of the knife and block out the hairline on your figurine’s head.

Knead the clay till it’s tender and malleable. Roll out the clay on your work surface till it’s 1/eight inch thick.

Reduce the clay into thin strips. For those who want a straight hairstyle, use the strips as is. For curly hair, roll every strip between the palm of your hand and the work surface to form a little bit clay snake.