50 Most Delightful Short Wavy Hairstyles

This cropped look gives a peekaboo to the dark under layer. It’s best for straight-haired girls who want to add volume with waves or for those whose hair naturally crimps. Tuck the long front pieces behind your ear, or allow them to swing forward and frame your face.

#3: Cute Curly Bob

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Being blessed with natural spirals can come along with the curse of numerous maintenance. Hair care can become a fancy of game involving dozens of expensive magic potions. So why not go for short curly hair? Keeping the front only a teeny bit longer and the top full of volume makes the style easy to tug off.

#4: Lifted Wavy Bob

Women with thinner hair often wonder find out how to style their locks in the absolute best way. Short elegant S-waves provide loads of lift to a simple bob. With a medium-sized barrel curling iron, add waves to the under and upper layers for probably the most body.

#5: Cute Curly Layers

Short curly hairstyles can lend a number of volume and shine to your look by elevating the layers your stylist has cut in. Because the hair is so short, the curls are amazingly fast and simple to realize. Using professional hairclips to section off the hair when curling can cut your morning prep time in half.

#6: Curly Q Haircut

The choice between a curly bob with bangs and a curly pixie is the selection of length. Want something in between? Opt for a long pixie. Gorgeous curls of girlhood are revived for this grown up hairstyle. Curls appear everywhere on this long pixie, including sideburns and neck line.

#7: Half Shaved Short Hair

Want something youthful and edgy for the summer months? Take a look at this style that’s half curly short hair and half sheared. The shaved side keeps things a bit rebellious, while the thick wavy side adds style and room for a fun color.

#8: Brown Curly Hair with Highlights

This throwback 1980s hairstyle is here for another round as increasingly more women are chopping their long locks and opting for short, thick wavy styles instead. Those with naturally curly hair could have essentially the most success with this, as it may be easily styled with a high quality hair product. For individuals who aren’t blessed with a natural kink to their hair, a perm could be a low maintenance solution.

#9: Curly and Blue

Why stick with natural hair colors? If you’re going to have bold curls, you might as well go along with a popping color! This style features varying hues of blue and lavender – stunning, edgy and gorgeous on the fitting skin tone. However, it’s best to check with the office before you show up with these colors at work.

#10: Undercut for Curly Hair

A little bit Tinker Bell, a bit bit sexy vamp – this undercut is an excellent option of short curly haircuts there are to choose from. Add in some subtle highlights to brighten the look and keep your thick wavy hair lovely all day long.

#11: Stacked Curly Bob

Go for a curly bob when you’re in search of a hairstyle that’s all glam with out a ton of effort. When you’ve got an unusual hair color like red, flaunt it instead of conceal it. Try some brightening highlights or a henna wash to make your fiery locks really stand out from the gang.

#12: Zero Effort Curly Hair

One of the best parts of curly hair? Even when it’s uncombed and tousled, it still looks amazing. In relation to short styles, curls can sometimes come out pretty effortless. Keep things simple and casual with a brief ‘do that is stuffed with style and low on maintenance.

#13: Curly Hair with Shine

Black or ethnic hair types sometimes need a boost (like a new cut) to look their best. Hairstyles for short curly hair may vary as trends come and go, but hair health remains a mandate. Use a daily leave in conditioner or shine serum to help your hair look healthy and cared for.

#14: Curly Gray

Gray highlights are very in, same like a solid gray and ombre gray on young women. These gray babylights are really pretty and suitable for a young girl and an older woman, not to mention that women with curls are blessed at any age!

#15: Short Bob for Curly Hair

Curly girls can rock a bob like none other – but keep it modern with a trendy hair color and loads of dimension. A blunt, close cut along the neck line topped with a mass of gorgeously highlighted ringlets will make for a winning look any time you want to update your short style.

#16: Naturally Curly Beauty

Short haircuts for curly hair are fun, low-maintenance and chic. Natural curls are gorgeous, and if you happen to happen to have straight hair you’re not out of luck. Today’s curly hairstyles are sometimes made with hot roller sets and curling irons that are gentler on hair than ever before. Remember to make use of a robust hold spray, but opt for the one which still allows your hair to look soft and beautiful.

#17: Curly Angled Bob

Wavy hairstyles may be tricky, but if they’re styled properly they look adorable. Go for an angled bob or an A line cut to give some shape to otherwise uncontrolled curls.

#18: Short and Simple Hair

Short styles don’t have to be uber trendy to look classy and lovely. Should you prefer an easy cut that never goes out of style, do that short hair style that is super pretty and comfortable to live with.

#19: The Short and Long of It

Short hairstyles for curly hair often depend on some length variation. As is shown with this style, the underneath layer of hair is cut close to stay straight, while the highest layer of longer curls is allowed to flow free.

#20: Curly Hair Cuteness

Messy curly hairstyles need regular trims to look “perfectly messy Curly hair also often looks great with bangs. If you’ve never had them before, give them a try!

#21: Messy Curly Hairstyle

Curly hair is always adorable, and fortunately a messy look is very talked-about right now. This ensures easier care and maintenance without a whole lot of drama. If short curly hair flatters you, it should remain flattering in any age.

#22: Short Dramatic Ringlets

If you’ve found a winner among the variety of curly hairstyles, but wish to have something a bit more statement-making, consider going with a dark hue. Very dark brown and black hair against fair skin always turns heads and appears dramatically different.

#23: Softening Facial Features with Short Hair

When you have strong facial features, having short curly hair can add some “liftto your face. Undecided if super short curls will work well on you? Try a shoulder length cut first after which gradually go shorter as you’re gaining courage.

#24: Curly Golden Hair

Short curly hairstyles are never boring or strict – this fun combo of ringlets and waves is further dolled up with caramel highlights. Dark haired girls will love this change for warm weather months. In case your hair is naturally wavy, then you already have a bonus, as your locks will hold curl nicely.

#25: Angled Short Cut

Power up those curls with an angled cut that permits plenty of room for body and bounce. Having hair longer on one side can even thin out a round face and accentuate your features such as the eyes or lips.

#26: Short Maroon Waves

This bold color is stuffed with rich tones and glimmering highlights. To achieve the curls, work along with your natural texture by only curling pieces that need shaping. Or when you’ve got straight hair, get this natural look by utilizing different sized barrels. Bring on the gloss treatments!

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#27: Curly Vintage Style

This curly bob is so on-trend right now. Everywhere we glance, our favourite celebrities are turning to the bygone flapper era for inspiration, especially those blessed with natural curls and waves to ramp up the texture of a brief cut. To keep the 40s style in full swing, skip the highlights and stick to a solid color.

#28: Soft Wavy Elegance

Learning learn how to style a cut this adorable is important. Ask your stylist lots of questions and get it right! The bangs are cropped and rounded slightly to provide them lift and keep them above the eyebrows, while the remainder of the hair is treated to perfectly imperfect waves.

Instagram/ @janine_ker_hair

#29: Short Hairstyle for Thick Curly Hair

For women who need to work with their natural color and texture, short hair is a go-to. To maintain it looking as wonderful because it did on salon day, be sure you treat your hair with deep conditioning as it might become brittle. With short curls going in numerous directions, this look is tons of fun.

#30: Wavy Platinum Locks

Platinum hair has been all the craze for a while now. The ashy brown lowlights turn this style into something brand new. With side-bangs that barely skim the attention and soft touchable curls, this look is ranking pretty high on the romantic chart. The bold lashes really stand out next to the pale hair color.

#31: Short City Chic

This short cut is super fresh and contemporary. The effortless waves with shaggy ends and really light pastel green highlights give off a younger vibe. Perfect for town-slicker professional looking for less AM maintenance and more fashion street cred.

#32: Short White Curls

Half way between the gray trend and platinum trend is the white trend: a modern way for blondes to make a bold hair statement. Blondes can achieve a color this light without sacrificing soft texture and healthy hair. Asymmetry and side-bangs are key to livening up short curly haircuts.

#33: Short Multi-Colored Spirals

Bring out your inner punk rock goddess with twisted thick curly hair. Working together with your natural texture is a huge a part of the rockstar appeal. The back is kept short and wild while turquoise, green, blue, and red highlights are strewn throughout. A texturing product will hold your spirals in place.

#34: Short Bouncy Curls

Balayage looks just as stunning on short haircuts for curly hair because it does on longer curly locks. To get waves which can be bouncy and vigorous, curl pieces of hair in numerous directions and use a light hold spray. Divine!

#35: Short Formal Style

What’s a girl with a short cut to do when an event arrives? For full on glamour, curls might be artfully crafted to create a decorative look that’s just begging for some dangly earrings. The additional short, tapered back is a modern edgy addition to this curly hairstyle.

#36: Modern Curly Crop

The naturally curly locks are given new life with expert definition. The perfection of tight curls is glamorous, modern, and vintage all at the same time. It’s more appealing when curls are kept in place without looking stiff, so allowing some wisps to fall on to the forehead balances out the look with softness and effortlessness.

#37: Simple Wavy A-Line

The a-line bob is a mainstay in the realm of short wavy hairstyles, and there’s a reason for that. Creating short and sweet waves is contemporary and professional, but still fun. This style is particularly stunning on multi-tonal blonde hair. Because ponytails are out of the question, workout-friendly styles include cute hair clips and headbands.

#38: Thick Wavy Crop

For a brief style that appears great on thick wavy hair, choose a layered cut with side swept bangs, and ensure to add definition to the locks with styling pomade. This natural look is low-key but with plenty of personality. With this particular haircut, half-up half-down styles are a super cute styling option.

#39: Contemporary Wavy Bob

This red-carpet ready look is the queen of all contemporary wavy hairstyles. A deep side-part shows off your beautiful facial features on one side, while making a veil for the opposite. Curling the waves down and away from the face on the long side is crucial for this style. On the opposite, simply tuck your hair behind the ear for an effortless vibe.

#40: Naturally Wavy Crop

Short haircuts for curly hair may be sweet and cute, or like this look, go full out mod. Asymmetry is achieved with a side part and longer/shorter layers, while the waves add visual appeal. Post-shower, simply part naturally curly hair and comb through some styling mousse that may relax natural curls into waves and hold them in place.


#41: Layered Haircut For brief Curly Hair

Meg Ryan looks tender and childishly innocent because of her heavenly short curls. Her layered haircut offers a brilliant cute rounded silhouette and let her curls bounce at the ends. It’s crucial not to cut your bangs short if your hair is curly, because they are going to shrink and look unflattering. Meg’s thin, subtle highlights make her curls fluffy and weightless. When styling such a haircut, it’s optimal to use a cream-like curl enhancer that disciplines curly hair and encourages them to unveil their natural beauty. The product is applied to wet hair before brushing. Then you possibly can blow dry it with a diffuser or let it air dry. If you use hair spray, it needs to be a light hold product.

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#42: Short Haircut With Razored Layers

Jane Lynch decides on a brief shaggy haircut with razored layers. The short length like Jane’s doesn’t let your hair shape the entire curl, and your locks settle in soft waves which feature jagged contours for an additional edge. The side part and cropped side bangs make Jane’s look extremely feminine. Note that the bangs are styled up, away from the face and then to a side. This is an effective solution for round and square faces, because they always need a slimming effect from hairstyles. Short wavy hairstyles do this job perfectly!

#43: Layered A-Line Bob

With the platinum blonde hue, your short curly locks would look super voluminous. The sting of Kimberly’s haircut is performed like a classic bob, but her top locks are cut a bit shorter to convey the flattering roundness to the haircut silhouette. The side bangs make any face shape softer and more feminine. To duplicate the look, it’s better first to create the bottom, using a blow-dryer and a round brush, and then shape the curls with a curling iron. When shaping the curls, heat each lock for a short time to achieve light waves, not curls. Tousle the waves and fix the ‘do with light hold hair spray.

#44: Curly Short Hairstyle

Izabella Miko gives us an idea of a playful curly bob that looks like a dream and matches any outfit. The trendy hairstyle trends suggest combinations of textures – straight and curly, as an example. When curling your locks, start a couple of inches from the roots. For the added shimmering finish, use shine spray in the end.

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#45: Combed Back Hairstyle

Catherine Heigl looks very sensuous with short, slightly wavy hair, styled away from her face. Her cute hairstyle is straightforward to duplicate. Apply some mousse to wet hair, set the speed of your hair dryer to a low air flow and blow dry your locks away out of your face. Shape the final texture together with your fingers and fix the style with light hold hair spray. If your haircut features the elongated nape section, it may be pinned up in a form of loose updo.

#46: Lovely Blonde Curls

Penelope Ann Miller has very beautiful soft natural curls. Such locks must be cut straight in layers to let them reveal their natural beauty. In case your layered curly hair is getting very frizzy, blow dry it with a round bristle brush and use a medium-barrel curling iron to shape the right curl. In the long run, arrange the curls the way you’d like them to lie and fix the style with a light or medium hold hair spray.

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#47: Evening Hairstyle For brief Curls

Jennifer Nettles shows us that short hairstyles are never boring. You may keep changing looks, trying new kinds of textures, finishes, and accessories. Jennifer’s do is a lovely solution for a night out with friends or any special occasion. That is how you can re-create it. Let your locks air dry or use a blow dryer with a diffuser to accelerate the method. Comb your bangs to at least one side and pin the random sticking out strands with bobby pins. The hairstyle should have a soft rounded silhouette but remain naturally messy.

#48: Short Edgy Haircut

Everything is beautiful in Evan Rachel Wood’s hairstyle – the silhouette, texture and hair color solution. It is a classy pixie cut with elongated top locks and point cut ends. In order for you to reinforce the thickness of your hair, go for a subtle ombre. When styling, hold a blow dryer at different angles, lifting each lock up for the maximal volume. Next, rub some wax in your palms and define the texture. The locks should fall away from your face and to one side to make the indistinct side parting more readable.

#49: Messy Bob Hairstyle

When your hair will not be curly, but slightly wavy from nature, it might lack volume. A haircut with a round silhouette will improve the look of your locks. January Jones sports a sweet messy hairstyle. It was styled with a curl enhancer and blow dried with a diffuser.

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#50: Red Spiral Curls Pinned Up

Curls flatter Christina Hendricks, like nobody else. Well, they certainly become many women, but looking at Christina, we can say without delay that it’s 100% her type of hairstyle. The concept of this loose curly updo for short-to-medium hair is certainly worth a try.

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Wavy hairstyles for short hair are so diverse and individual. Every weave is exceptional and each shape is distinctive. Even should you attempt to follow one of those examples, your hairstyle shall be exceptional, because it’s going to be brightened up by your unique facial features and hair characteristics.

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