A Rising Trend In Indian Fashion

2017 Fashion Hair Wigs Three Tone Ombre Long Body Wavy WigsSarees- “a rising trend in fashion”‘? When was it ever out of fashion? Irrespective of how many sorts of clothing and fashion comes to the Bollywood industry, sarees as an epitome of classic beautiful regalia will always outshine the remaining. Haven’t you noticed how Saree compliments everyone? And by ‘everyone’- I mean every woman irrespective of color, race, ethnicity etc. besides gender : p

The oldest apparel continues to be trending and it’ll continue to take action for the way long the civilization may last with or without fashion. You do know concerning the Bollywood and its glamour right? The industry buzzes with adorned celebrities making statements with exquisite ethnic wears every time they make a turn-out.

Funny how Valentino’s and Prada’s are complimentary in Bollywood which is not going to suffice to make a fashion statement alone! For saree is in itself a fusion. It culminates to the homogenous blend of Hinduism and Muslim era. So how can it ever exit of fashion? The reply is never. Besides giving the appeal of a good, cultured and independent woman, there is more to the garment- its timelessness makes it a classic and elegant, its versatility makes it to be always trending. No matter how westernized Bollywood becomes, irrespective of what number of kissing scenes it might adopt but our Bollywood actresses won’t ever let go of this ”Desi-drape”.

The ever-so-evolving drapery is rarely absolute because of its versatility. It was a fashion statement before, it still is and always might be. However, don’t assume it to be ‘stagnant’. The vogue is constantly trending and its mantra is an ‘adopted evolution’.

One new direction of sarees is the adoption of lehenga as its binary. No doubt, it’s still undergoing modification day by day. New styles emerge in terms of the high competition world of fashion industry and rising designers. Since last year, ‘half-sarees’, a hybrid of lehenga and traditional sarees is the brand new Bollywood Black. What’s more beautiful added to this invention is that besides being an easy wear unlike traditional sarees, it comes together with the duppatas which highlight the glamour of Bollywood. Rani Mukherjee in her recent prove appeared wearing bright pink designer half saree with floral patterns on it. She looked beautiful. Is not that what sarees are suppose to do? Half- sarees might be well trusted.

Sarees as an elegant, traditional attire hardly needs a makeover. There are times when a simple traditional saree becomes a show- stealer. We all know many examples of it. A bride in the Indian subcontinent always prefers to wear red sarees or contrasting bright colors. It’s usually worn on the ‘mehendi’ function or on the reception day. Fabrics like silk, chiffon, Kanchivaram and Banarasi are used for saree, however silky material fits the most effective for the occasion. The heavily embellished sarees with zaris are always a head-turner. It is not only the bride, but every female guest attending the occasion adorns herself to look the very best and definitely in saree one cannot go wrong. It suits every’body’s shape and size.

The story of saree isn’t just confined to the Indian subcontinent. Its popularity spreads across the seven seas. Even Hollywood is inspired by this traditional get-up. I wouldn’t be wrong to state that even Hollywood cannot resist Bollywood – from the Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton to my personal favorite Blake Lively to the super model Naomi Campbell and (woman who needs no introduction) Oprah Winfrey have done justice to the saree inspired designer pieces safely termed as ”Indo-Western gown”. Indian ethnic wear is escalating in the global market and who else can better put it on the market than influential celebrities themselves!

However the credit should definitely go to the Bollywood actresses for putting the Indian saree on the global map. The glitterati of Bollywood are reflected on this ethnic wear. You may see how amazing and glamorous Bollywood is with its representative saree as its first face. Sarees have become a must-have for all of the women all over the world and its occasion have surpassed just the bridal days. Celebrities now wear it to the Red Carpet events or any formal occasion which proves how respected the attire is.

Black being the chicest color to be worn, it is not any surprise that celebrities lately prefer black sarees over the little black dresses. From pop-stars to models, all rock the lacy black sarees highly embellished with rich sequins and beads or just plain translucent sarees speak volumes in elegance.

Naomi Campbell and Nicole of the band Pussycat Dolls were spotted flaunting the black desi drape in international events. The popularity of it is amazing. At the same time ‘color’ is a quintessential signature of Bollywood. Our very own celebrities like to adopt variety and glitter and we cannot disagree with the trendsetters for instance Aishwarya Rai Bachan on her post-baby period wore probably the most amazing sarees that pleased the attention of the onlooker.

Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar etc have gripped global attention with their beautiful designs always giving a brand new edge to this ethnic wear that fascinates the world- therefore , saree will never be chucked on the back of a woman’s wardrobe.

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