A visit To Las Vegas And The Grand Canyon Helicopters

A primary-time trip to the western a part of the United States will not be complete with no visit to the Grand Canyon. Those headed to Las Vegas can take a half-day or whole-day tour to the national park on the Grand Canyon helicopters. There are also helicopter tours that originate inside the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona.

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Helicopter tours that start in Las Vegas take visitors to the South or West Rim of the Canyon. Tourists heading to the West Rim get to see Lake Mead, Hoover Dam and the Dragoon Corridor. Whole-day tours give visitors the chance to do more exploring, descend into the canyon itself and reap the benefits of many things that are available to see and do.

The park is so large that it is hard to see everything in one day. One advantage of the helicopter tours is that the visitor gets to see rock formations, canyons that branch off and even wildlife that can only be seen from the air. The canyon is actually 130 miles long, but only 30 miles will be seen from the bottom. Those who prefer to stay at the park and take a helicopter tour from there have a variety of choices as to overnight accommodations and restaurants.

Flora and fauna abound within the park. One of the most looked for birds is the California Condor. Other birds equivalent to ravens, wrens, swallows and hummingbirds are quite common and will be seen in many places. Larger animals include elk, mule deer and on occasion, big horn sheep. Predators include animals like the coyote, bobcats, mountain lions and a few black bears. The chipmunks and squirrels are a protracted-time favorite of all visitors. The fauna that almost all visitors prefer not to see is the skunk and the rattlesnake.

Flora should not be dug up or mutilated in any way. Even the flowers should stay where they’re for all visitors to enjoy. For the safety and protection of everyone in the park, animals shouldn’t be fed. Even those cute, playful squirrels and chipmunks can and will bite.

The West Rim of the park is the home of two Indian tribes: the Havasupai and the Hualapai. Visitors are welcome on both of those reservations, but entrance fees are charged, and there are fees for the things that can be done there. Transportation to and from the entrance is obtainable by helicopter.

Another strategy to take advantage of a trip to the Grand Canyon National Park is to stay in Williams, Arizona, and take the round-trip train ride to the Village inside of the park. The ride takes 5 hours round-trip and features restored Pullman cars, a steam locomotive and a staged wild west shoot out. The park offers a free shuttle service that takes visitors to viewpoints and trail heads which can be difficult to access or that have very limited parking.

Entrance to the park is free for those entering on a helicopter tour. Those walking or bicycling in must pay $15 for a seven-day entrance pass. Each car pays $30 for a similar pass. Visitors who plan to go to numerous times in the course of the year pay $80 for an annual pass, while those over 62 pay $10 for a lifetime pass.

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