A Woodsrunner’s Diary

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What’s Living History?
Living history makes history come to life. To do this members emulate differing types of people from history. These can include blacksmiths, seamstresses, housewives, farmers, woodsmen and woodswomen. We wear the clothes of the time and learn and use the life and trade skills of the period.
What period of history does the NECLHG re-enact ?
Approximately 1680-1760 on the new World Frontier.
Why this period of history and why a brand new World lifestyle and never Australian?
The brand new World was settled much earlier than Australia and enables us to select from a bigger number of nationalities, occupations and skills. All of those options make the activities more fun.
Australian settlement was in a later period and founded on a penal colony. There are other re-enactment groups for people interested in the Australian colonial period.
Is joining NECLHG expensive?
No. There are not any membership fees for the group. The activity is only as expensive as you want it to be! Many members make all their own period style clothing and equipment. This is a perfect activity for people who prefer to make things and be creative.
What if there are some items I can’t make myself or I’m too busy to make?
You always have the option of buying or trading for items. Individuals who want to purchase their clothing and equipment can accomplish that; there are lots of specialist suppliers. Also you’ll be able to trade for items you cannot make .
Can my family join this group?
Yes we are very family oriented.
What’s experimental archaeology?
This is the term used when someone makes and uses a period tool or item. This may be anything from lighting a fireplace with a flint and steel to building and sailing a ship on an original route! It’s the only way to essentially discover how things were done “back then
What is historical trekking?
This activity is trekking and camping in an historically accurate manner. People on a historical trek wear the clothing of the period and carry and use only the equipment used in that period. These treks are an ideal option to learn woods lore and survival skills.
What form of “period skillscan we learn and practice?
You’ll be able to learn and use any skill that was used within the period you reenact. For the mid-18th century these include spinning and weaving on a loom, finger weaving, tomahawk throwing, fire lighting, blade sharpening, leather making and leather working and much, way more.
Is the NECLHG a gun club?
No. Some on our members may carry a period gun on treks and camps as part of their persona. These guns are flintlock muzzle-loading antique guns or copies. The best level of safely is maintained always. Guns will not be carried loaded and all gun carrying members are licensed.
What about women members?
Within the 18th century women performed many traditional and non traditional roles. There were women blacksmiths, naturalists, artists, and woods-women. Some accompanied militia on scouts . In the NECLHG a women can be what ever she wants to be!
What about children.?
Children are always welcome. Naturally children are the responsibility of their parents. Children really enjoy the living history activities and skills. It is an excellent solution to learn history and it makes their school based history a lot more meaningful. Also children can learn bush craft, survival skills and camping skills.

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