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All air conditioners are made up of varied parts and the ac compressor is considered one of crucial. Its job is to compress those low pressure refrigerant gases until they become high pressure gases with a very high temperature. Furthermore, it eliminates the vapour from the evaporator which has the effect of maintaining a low boiling point. Both functions are needed to bring that refreshing draught of cooler air into the house or car.

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The ac compressor works rather like the human heart; it pumps refrigerants around the air conditioning unit in a closed loop, performing a vital function necessary for the entire thing to work properly. If the ac compressor does not work properly, then the whole air conditioner is at risk of damage.

Thus it is crucial for the air compressor to always be maintained properly whether it is to provide years of trouble free service. The owners part in taking good care of the ac compressor is to scrub the skin of it and keep it free from dirt and grime. If there seems to be trouble with the air conditioner, a professional should be called. No untrained person could possibly take an air compressor apart and service it or replace any ac parts.

Replacing compressor parts is a specialised field that required training and experience. However there is one thing that the house owner could possibly do if the air conditioner appears to be playing up on a extremely popular day. In such conditions often a high head will develop this is a pressure condition that can be alleviated simply by pressing the reset button. This high pressure limit switch can be in an obvious place on the surface of the compressor.

In the course of the times that you just dont run the air conditioner, the gaskets within the compressor may become dry and cracked. To stop this happening you need to run the defrost selection on cold air for five minutes each day. In case your ac compressor should need replacing, it’s wise to get an expert in to do the duty.
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